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    This post was suppose to go out yesterday, because I choose to go out and have a breather for real life. This photo an my last two photos are products of me running out of concepts an feeling rushed. Before anyone groans and be like well you shouldn't had taken on to many events. No. I know my limits an having 2 huge events and my regular little stores had nothing to do with being burnt out. 

    Other people don't realize you can be burnt out because of stress dealing with other things and my hobby suffers for it. I don't sleep well at night at all and I have constant nightmares. I have to sleep in between work or wear myself out extremely out in order for me to sleep. My prescribed medication makes me feel like a zombie in the mornings an dealing with kids crossing the street an 1500lbs cars, I prefer not to take them an sleep in between work. 

   I was so excited about the holiday's coming up but now I am just dreading them. I honestly, don't feel in the mood to do anything at all. I don't want to deal with Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year nothing.  I will tell you after October I will be taking a hiatus from blogging. I do not have any events set up for November at all and I want to focus more on being a better Event Assistant, Blog Manager, and Event Admin.  

    So I apologize if these last three photos were not my strongest photos ever this year an I know it just sucks the quality was just not there an you can tell, but my headspace will be a lot better in a few days where I'll go back to my quality and not just put things out. 


 No review today. The owner behind the avatar is quite cranky and irritated today. So just enjoy the photo and the stats. Good Night. 



    The Solstice presents The Fellowship. It's basically Lord of the rings based event venue. Am I a Lord of the rings fan? Eh, I guess so! If it's on television I'll watch it because it's like a entire day marathon type of ordeal. It's a fantasy event so it's right up my alley so of course I'm going to blog it. Now how am I judging the event? I am going to give it about a 4.5. I would had LOVED to have seen more armor for male and female. A bit more weapons, Orc related things. I feel like looking at the items we've gotten it was more of the positive side of lord of the rings. 

    When I think of Lord of the rings I think of how gritty and battle thirsty it was. To me the items given it was too much accessories especially tiaras. Like how many tiaras can we get at this event? There was no female hair here. I will say there was a lot of male items here and if I had a male alt or had a male on my main account I would've been more than happy to blog the items here. 

    Now Pity Party does have a extremely pretty skin here called  Delphinium. It's made for Lelutka Evo X. It goes all the way up to Mali. I know I didn't do the skin justice in this photo, because I went an older route with it because of the Lelutka materials I used, but trust me yall it's really pretty. I also used Izzie's smile lines to make me appear older. 

    Now my next photo for Solstice will be a bit better, than this one. I know this one isn't anywhere near strong as my other photos I've been taking lately, but we all have at least one photo out of the week that just isn't on par. 

    So be sure to visit The Fellowship, it ends October 14th! 


    The inspiration behind this post was NOT really suppose to be influenced by Raiden. Technically I was going for a musical android that was hiding from society with SOME electrical powers, but I really went with a Raiden inspiration after I was editing. I really had fun with this look and editing it was really fun. I actually streamed this in our blogger discord; Blogger Intel,  so if you would like to get more streaming and tips please come join us. Sugah even did a live stream today on how she sets up a stream an I did how I do my edits. 

    Yes it was a simple edit, but hopefully some of the members of the group did pick up on some helpful tips and tricks! I'll include a discord url to server so anyone is welcome rather you don't blog, vlogger, or anything. You just want a small server to join then come join us. We speak on things happening on the grid, we voice our own opinions, have small debates and so forth. It's a complete judgement free zone. 

    So let me talk a little bit about the new event Tokyo Zero. Now that it's open and I have the items to blog I will say I am highly impressed with the event. For the first round I love the items. Now there are some items I am like why is this here? Such as a Ahegao Bumper? Not even sure if I spelled that correctly, but if that is how the designer rolls then that's how they roll. The blog manager did a excellent job getting nearly all the creators in the event to put into the blogger box which I was amazed. There were a few designers that I wish DID put in that I was waiting for, but unfortunately didn't.  That's how it goes sometimes life as being a blogger. 

    I will say they're some really creative designers in this event because some of the items I am seeing I am like wow. Like this hat I am wearing I am in love with. There is also another item that I can NOT wait to blog an wear. It's by Oh My Nya, it's so neat I am scared I am gonna take a terrible picture and mess it up because I am that hyped about the item. 

    So in a few days I will be giving Cyber Punk a small break and be taking some fantasy photos. We'll be stepping back into the land of Hobbits, Elves, Dwafs, Orcs, and Wizards. So we'll see how those photos go because I am having so much fun with my cyber punk photos!


"Pistol on my side, you don't want that thing to scream at ya." 

"Laughin' when you die, boy, my pistol, a comedian." - Lil Wayne 

    Okay so It's been awhile since I posted anything an I am slow to! I have several reasons why because I am having a great time in real life. I feel like my brother and husband are my guardian angels an are guiding me. They bought me a brief peace moment of piece right now in real life an I am starting to be happy. Do I still have my moments where I sob an have days where I don't get out of bed an be mopey. Yes. Will the pain go away? No. Am I ready to move on? No. I find different things to cope an I still think of them here. Every time the conversation comes up in the house regarding something about my Uncle, Grandfather, Brother and Husband I divert the conversation because I don't want to talk about it. So no, I am not ready to move on an come to terms with it. But I do believe my hubby an brother are giving me signs that it's okay. 

    Lets move on to some Second Life things. 

    There is a new event fast approaching called Tokyo Zero! So what sort of venue is Tokyo Zero you say? Well it's a Dystopic Future: Streetwear, Urban Style, Cyberpunk, and Japanese Style. When does it start the September 10th - September 30th.  

    Sponsors this round: Rekt, Cubic Cherry, Tropix, The White Crow, Dreamcatcher, Moon Rabbit, Inzoxi, Evermore, Babyboo, Bad Bunnies and more. 

    Some regulars that everyone loves are: Ayashi, Ungod, Psycho Pills, Dappa Tattoos, Mewsery, Hanzel, Junk Food, Core & Gore, Neo Kitsch and more. 

So it's going to be a really AMAZING around and I am really excited to be apart of this. It's right up my alley an 

Enjoy the photo an of course my landmarks will be posted once the event opens up! 



    So today is the last day for Fifty Linden Friday Birthday Bash and also my last post for Powder Pack. Then I'll see yall again for Powder Pack in a few weeks. Their next boxes will be a special edition Kawaii Pack and then you have a Lelutka one. 

    I will not being doing a full blown shot of the eyeshadow an lipstick from the Powder Pack, from August because you can see the eyeshadow an lipstick clear an no need for me to do a collage. You can still get this August Pack for full price. This skin I am wearing is from Utopia at Cyber Fair. So please be sure to pick it up.  

    I'll see yall in a few days I am taking a break. I don't want to rush my creative process because I have Tokyo Zero coming up an I want to do something awesome for that as well. So give me a few days for my brain think of some more weird things to do! 



    Greetings earthlings! It is I, Kali the Ragdoll Imp! I had to drop in an pay a visit to the wonderful Cyber Fair that was broadcasted throughout the universe! Did you'll thought you were the only ones all this time? Well everything in the movies were true! NO, some of us are like the Independence Day alien Invaders an some like Signs. DUH! Then some of us are like ME! Or well similar to me. I am from a planet Izuno that's in the galaxy of Eridani! I'm obsessed with the third rock from the sun called Earth and every so often through my radio I'll get a signal broadcast when this 'Cyber Fair' is coming! 

    We Izunoans are very similar to you Earthlings, but we have stuffing inside of us! We always keep needle an thread on us in case we break apart! I love to spy on the Earthlings and their technology and even developed some of my own devices on my own planet! Earthlings are you ready for Kali the Ragdoll Imp to invade the so called 'Cyber Fair'?! I am very much excited to meet you all an explore the venue! Here I come Earthlings, Kali is here! 

    Well Cyber Fair is now open an you have until September the 26th to visit! It's a very amazing around an I am so excited to blog these items that I had to get a jump start on it. Normally I wait a few days after the event opens, but no. I am going to get right into it.  I'll be linking the gallery and the cam sim for you to visit so you can try to get in quicker an also for you to see what is being offered. I'd advise you to keep checking the gallery because not everything is pictured yet! 

Gallery: Cyber Fair | Access-SL Gallery

Actual Sim

Cam Sim

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