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    I hope everyone has a happy new year and I look much better to the future. Well I hope. I'm just having wishful thinking and trying to be positive here. So with that all said, have a great new year. 



"In a world of fake where you can barely be you
You are now in tune to Grinch part two" 

Dax - Grinch goes viral 


    So I am getting a jump start on a resolution for next year and it's to take more couple poses and I finally have some folks to take them with me. I will admit I suck at taking couple poses. I have no clue the angles, positions, styling, emotions or anything. So with the help of my new admirers I shall be doing some couple poses more often in the next year. I was never opposed to doing collaborations with other photographers just I don't think I was anyone choice nor no one felt up to the challenge of setting up times and dates on getting the photos done. That's always a hassle. 

    So ya the photo doesn't make much sense, but I really did have a great time taking it with him. Hopefully the new year will bring me more peace and I'm to focus on my mental health more and just finish doing me. I'll also be pushing out my photography more on my social media platforms because I want to mingle with liked mind folks.  

    I want to do and better my reviews since last year or so I started to become more of a review blog than just an post credits and go. I still do do that though, but I try to do a review on something I'll wear. So I'll be focusing more on my hobby and perfecting it and so forth than anything. Starting this weekend since I am off from work for almost an entire month, but ya. 



    Okay so I actually do a photo with Glooms lipsticks from Powder Pack and I will tell you I love PACK 2 more than PACK 1. I'll tell you why. Pack 2 seemed more geared towards darker tones while Pack 1 was more pale. I am all for bright lipsticks, but I want neons and not neutrals to be bright. So I stuck with Pack 2. GRANTED Pack 1 did have some lipsticks that did/do work with darker tones. I just prefer Pack 2. I actually took a photo of the two huds inworld to see what was written on them because the font was so tiny I was struggling even with my glasses on. 

    Then I was like OH the lightbulb went off in my head. I was like duh they're different types! But my last statement still stands correctly with Gloom. I want to see that brand branch out and do something different other than neutrals and pale tones. 

    I know Davhie has some sort of bone to branch out and do different things because I've blogged a bunch of his cyber fair items because they're so different than some avatar modifications that are usually in the event. Am I being hard on the brand? Maybe, but I know what Gloom is capable of and the brand is extremely great. When I wear the neutrals from the pack its as if I seen them before.  But Novembers Powder Pack I was not a fan of. I wanna say t his is the least favorite box I've seen from Powder Pack that if anyone asks me which ones to get this isn't making the list. If I could sit a round out, this would've been one. 

    Well that concludes my review of Novembers Powder Pack. You have a week till Decembers Powder Pack which launches the 17th! 



    So this is a quick post. It took me a day or two to figure out how to use this mod from ::Static::. You can actually get this mod from Dreadmorne township forest of dead toys.  My setup is real simple and nothing fabulous about it. My idea was like a frozen candy imp or demoness something of that nature. It was just an excuse so I can use the Apricot Paws Hoofy paws I snagged from Black Friday. You can pick this item up now from ::Static:: which is really worth Nama even made it for Ebody reborn so that was a plus plus, but in the photo I am not wearing it, I am still legacy 

So if you want it, be sure to go visit Nama's stall and pick up her other goodies there! 

- Kodeine


    So now that the holiday season is over. It's time for me to legit talk about the new Powder Pack that came out in November. Ya, I am late, but hey better than never correct? Now, I spoke a little bit about my feelings in October about my mental health and in November it was just the worst for me. I have the winter blues where I just don't want to do anything. I am legit forcing myself to complete everything I have on my plate and it's unappetizing. As I was explaining to a friend I am just not looking forward to the holidays and everything about it, because I don't have anything to be happy. All my happiness was taken away. 

    Moving along. 

    Lets go ahead and talk about the November Powder Pack. 

  1. Amara Beauty - Pauline - Fatpack - Evo X 
  2. Utopia - Emma Fatpack - Evo X 
  3. Allure - Minho Skin  
  4. Psycho Pills 
  5. Dernier Luminous Highlighter 
  6. Ives The Feels Lipgloss 
  7. Gloom The Neutral Collection 
  8. Velour La Fama Collection 
  9. Velour Daniela Skin Evo X (Powder Pack Reservation Gift)(Worn in Photo)(Keep in mind it's not part of the pack. It's a reservation gift) 
    Mind you I accidently took the reservation gift on accident because I thought it was the Powder Pack but it wasn't. I will talk about the skin though. Coming from Velour this is my least favorited face from them and I honestly hated the nose on this face. Normally my face is pretty much a decent looking face not too oddly shaped so things are okay lined up, but when I put this skin on my face the nose was just not vibing with me at all. So this face basically made me revamp my entire face. But! Do keep in mind I am wearing a new head, River, which will probably be my go to head for now on so not every skin will be a perfect match or line up correctly for River because it's an andro head. 

    It also came in three tones: Brownie, Chocolate and Ebony. I'm wearing Ebony. Now, I am trying to build up a collection of Ebony. I am a fan of darker tones versus lighter ones. I'll pick Ebony over Chocolate and Mali if the choice is there. So I'll go Moonlight, Ebony, and Brownie because it's a good balance between Velour's skin tones. I use to just buy Moonlight, Mali, and Brownie. I am not really sure why no one is really making for Moonlight expect for Moccino? But skin creators Moonlight is a pretty colour. 

    I do love how Powder Pack are doing little limited themes. I thought that was neat and creative and something different than before. I really Loved Melanin Magic and would love to see a part 2 of that. One thing that I disliked about Melanin Magic was that it wasn't enough skins? And the standout skin was Heaux Malia skins hands down. Heaux needs to make darker tones more often seriously. 

    In this recent November pck I was not impressed with that fell short again was Gloom. I'm not sure if it's because I'm used to his eyes or I just do not like his skins and makeup anymore. Or I'm just waiting for the day for him to get out of his box and do something else. I am not sure, but I was NOT feeling his neutral collection. I do not know what I am expecting from Gloom, but when I see it I'll know. I'm sorry Davhie, but it fell short again this time. 

    So go get the pack if you hadn't, or if you're waiting on December's pack that is great, but taht is one thought process on Novembers pack. In December, I'm going to try to do a video, because I'll be off of work due to School going on winter break and Powder Pack releases that Friday on the 17th and that is my last day of work with the schools so. It's perfect. I'll try to do the video and unpacking so we'll see how my computer wanna work. 

Synful Ghost // Kodeine Haze // Knovokainee Haze
Photographer and Blogger of Second Life