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We're late!

           So behind this entire image is that we're late for the train and we just arrived. We're all the way down the end and we needed a boost. So I told Sugah to cast a spell I cooked up and it cost an explosion behind I said it so fast that she missed a few words and said a different spell. So now I'm running as quickly as I can while we're causing such a commotion on the platform. Yikes!      It felt good to do a collab and it helped to get me out of my funk because I just dread coming on Second Life other than to do my management work and log off. I completely just disconnect. With this boost of confidence I believe I am back in the game. Thanks so much Sugah 💜 Visit Sugah's blog and Flickr !! 

Jocosa the mischief

         Just a normal day in the dorms for this little fifteen year old. Expect she had a bit of mischief in the works. She stole three of her classmates pygmy puffs. She was a trickster and her classmates teased and bullied her for wearing headgear for her braces. Her best friend was no longer in school anymore and no one was to protect her. She couldn't wait till she was able to see her once again, but before she left;  Narcissus taught her a thing or two about improving her personal spells.     Here she was hiding in the corner of an secluded area of the castle that only she and Narcissus knew about getting ready to torment these poor cute creatures. Nothing terrible would come harm to the pygmy puffs just their owns when they pick them up. They might itch for a couple of days and have terrible allergic reaction.

The Men

      Okay lets talk a little bit about this top! This top is by Quills & Curiosities and it was made for male bodies only; Experimental Legacy and Belleza Jake. In the photo I am wearing the Legacy with the Jake top. The front cut is fine it's the back cut where the butt curves is an issue. I saw this top in the blogger box and I was blown away how stunning it was and how beautiful. I wanted to do something regal because this hair from S-Club, if you recongize this hair S-Club is also from The Sims! I own a couple of their hairs and they're quite lovely! 

Before I'm Dead

      So this photo is mostly raw. I only enhanced parts of it and added my little overlays. So please enjoy!