Fear the sin, lost in obsession

  "I saw your fantasy Too dark to be a reality  I'm addicted, a slave of yours.  Lost in you, a cruel force."  Obsession - Mechanical Moth

2much molly

      Im not going to lie. I WORE the wrong type of skin with this type of cosmetic. I wasn't paying attention at all till I was taking photos and even when I was doing the close up I realized it was too late. So I would suggest either wear cosmetics shine toner or a skin with less shine. Because Jack Spoon is one of the favorite brands that I love that cater to Ethnic tones and do them extremely well. Once I find a store that does this I become a faithful customer and I been a fan of Steffy before she became Jack Spoon when she was a photographer.              Just to be able to support her as a customer and as her blogger really means a great deal to me! I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't do skin brands nor cosmetic brands anymore because it gets quite boring doing portraits all the times, but Jack Spoon does other products than cosmetics {Praise you Steffy}      Anyways, Jack Spoon is a brand that as a LOT of fun cosmetics and you get a LOT for the price. I'll sp