So I am going to start off by talking about Genus Project "updated" heads. Now for those who were following and are everyone knew I was die hard Genus because the heads at the time suited me and I was also bias towards the other heads on the market.      Now that I've branched out over the years, I can firmly say Genus is very dated and still full of bugs. This is my opinion and no one elses. This is the second piece of work I've done with the Genus heads and I can say its very just..dated.      The Hud is not user friendly and majority of the options do not work. Even in a scene like this my other heads shine would be all over the place, but Genus shines aren't up to par. The one big issue that still hasn't been fixed were the movement and placement of the rigged eyes that come with Genus. Even Lelutka and Akeruka Heads have this function {even though Akeruka's funtion is a bit wonky, bit it still works}.       I also forgot that the Genus Head has

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