"I'm an oddity of one, my strangeness too complicated to explain or share" — Libba Bray

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    I was going to write a story for this image, but I am dead tired. I have 2 more days left of this term and I am out for summer break. Once I am done I will be able to get back on track officially and pay more attention to my favorite events I am in. I am so thankful for my blogger managers for sticking by my side through these last two and half years. My mental trauma and health are still work in progress. Each day I get tad bit better, but the loss of four important members of my family especially my men who were my shields are gone. They all left me within months apart from each other; My brother, Husband, Grandfather and Uncle. In that order. So yes, my mindframe isn't exactly focused on deadlines. Deadlines crash my creativity. I don't want to leave my events because I been with them for so long that it's become home. I still try to do the requirements even if it's last minute. I'm going to still do my posts.    

    Anyways, two days left and I'll get back on track for summer! I'll be more active on my social medias and in my artwork! I do enjoy taking couple photos now and Travis is enjoying participating in them as well. He's a great friend! 




    So I always wanted to do this type of image. and I think I nailed it. I am so proud of this. I had got feedback from Blu about this. My first attempt was terrible and something didn't sit right with me and I told Blu I was going inworld to retake it and she said NOOO. I was like nope, done deal. I changed everything. From angle, reposition, clothing, colours; EVERYTHING. When I tell you the feedback from the first critique was amazing and eye opening was wonderful and I thank her for that. I am extremely proud of how THIS one turned out it was better. So I am glad I trusted my gut on redoing the entire thing. 

    So this was a quick image. I do have a few mistakes here and there, but nonetheless I am still proud of it. So I will break down what is all involved in it. I have some Cyber/Punk and Abnormality mixed in. I will be doing a Gif of me down below to show off the details. If anyone curious Anxious Angel is the one that did my custom Fursona of my bunny. She is a custom content creator and is constantly open for business. I'll have all her urls below as well. 

    So my general idea behind this theme was that I wanted to become a superhero. I actually did the pose myself. I really wanted to use a Poseidon pose, but his pose just didn't quite suit me. I wanted to be an anti-hero, but I looked to jolly to be one. So this is me as a vision of a superhero. Yall, I really love how this turned out. Like so serious! Even if it doesn't do great with views and faves on Flickr. I just enjoy this piece of work I did. 


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