On the prowl

      I had a lot going on with me this month, I mean a lot. I had to take a really long break after Cyber Fair and Wizarding Faire and it interrupted my Engine Room round which was unfornate, but I did the best I could also it continued into Fantasy Faire which I am determined to let.      My best male friend Travis has been a great support with Engine Room even if it was just one photo and it was a headache due to the issues with my real life. Of course unfortunately I wanted to do another transmigration that I did last time which I sorta did! So the story behind this one is that Travis is from another alternative universe who is a knight and is on the battlefield and is about to die, but something happened when he was transported into this primitive world where he is in the far future.           Me, I'm a noble Queen who has never seen such a creature before and never seen one who is such an oddity in her world that she is just so infatuated with him that she wants to eat him up


  "You need a timekiller and you don't understand.  I am like quicksand, lick it from my hand.  I am your timekiller, I'll let your mind expand."  --- Project Pitchfork Timekiller 

Are you thirsty?

  "Don't be a fool for the devil, darlin'" --Anne Rice

The Sound of Space

  "This is something designed for your senses and nothing else.  Performance is happening exactly where you are.  This is the sound of space"