Sleepover, eh?

  Abnormality Event started a few days ago and I tell you this is such a great event! The designer line up is insane and the products are equally great! So many mods and new heads and parts! The one highlight of the event is Marz & Cerberus combo of a new head called Martian Mutt. Im not one to get for canine avatars, but this is a really great cute head! I paired it off with Anxious Angel's mod, which I LOVE to see what this broad does with textures all the time because she has such a wicked mind-frame. 

Luv U

      So it's pleased to announced that Gloom.; Dahvie, has redid their skin tones so that now darker colours tones will be available as well! One thing I love about this designer is Dahvie is extremely nice, polite and also has good manners for customer service. I actually been a HUGE fan of Gloom. starting from Facebook! Not only their editing skills are amazing, but their products are as well. This is why I mainly stick to using Gloom. brand for nearly all my eyes and skins at times when it comes do it.      I wish Gloom. would update some of their older products to EVOX, but I understand that sometimes products don't do well and it takes time, but it's still wonderful that Gloom. is starting back to making darker tone based skin line! I had some of their previous darker tones and I just adored them! So please be sure to check out Glooms.  Jen Melanin+ Skin! It's still currently out for sale for today!! 

Coupling Stroll

  What am I wearing?  [Credits]  [BODY] Head: Lelutka Evo X Zo 3.1  Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.6 [ACCESSORIES] Jewelry: .:. SHARD .:. Ophelia Revenge Claws  [CLOTHING] Outfit: Forest Fantasy Store - Crow Lady [New][@ Abnormality Trick or Treat round ][Comes with: Alpha layer, Body Shadow & Ears, Gloves, Dress for Kupra, Legacy, Maitreya and Reborn. Mask, Neckpiece, Wings, Mask and Fan]  [SCENE] K&S - Last Hope Harbor Backdrop [New][@ Engine Room ]  Secret Poses - After Party Pose  What Travis is wearing? [Credits]  [BODY] Hair: Raven Bell - Lavendar Hair]  Ears: Quills & Curosities - Chiroptera Ears [New][@ Abnormality Trick or Treat round ]  Head: Sugarcult - Dire Bat [New][@ Abnormality Trick or Treat round ]  Skin: Anxious Angel - Bat Bae - Cinnamon Tone [New][@ Abnormality Trick or Treat round ] Body: Belleza Jake  [CLOTHING] Jacket: Ash. Batiste Coat [New][@ Engine Room ]  Suit: Ash. Batiste Suit [New][@ Engine Room ][Please be aware that these two items are NOT sol