"I'm an oddity of one, my strangeness too complicated to explain or share" — Libba Bray

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Walking past trash



This is the song I was listening too while editing 🤷🏾‍♀️



    The story behind this is that this really wasn't how I wanted this photo to turn out. I wanted everything to be chaos because the gloop was to suppose to bounce and wreck havoc on the desk of the scientist and I just didn't nail it and this is how it turned out. My angle was completely off so all the potions and books were cut off and the urn was knocked over and stuff. But it came out looking pretty decent regardless. It was fun doing and I did a motion blur so it looked like I was bouncing 🤷🏾‍♀️like I said I didn't execute this how I wanted, next time when I do another avatar of this nature I know where I did wrong. 



    Okay so I've been really into reading a lot of Manhwa's lately and man I can not escape this mess. I torment Sugah every day with stories that I've read or am reading. I mean I am reading some Manga as well and some REALLY tame stuff, but as an adult I need some adult things in my life. I'm NOT ashamed to tell the world that I am into this type of stuff. Man not reading in over a decade has really opened my eyes to some new things. Everyday I am like I'm like WHAT ELSE CAN I READ. I'm playing catch up here! I'm old and miserable lady so let me enjoy this little bit of happiness in my depressed life, grieving life! I can hear my husband right now scolding me and trying to take this from me, but sooner or later giving into my joy. 

    Skin Fair Post #5 featuring Repulse, Platinum, and Opulein. I never heard of the store called Platinum but Sugah was really excited that they put in the box so I was like okay so it must be a decent brand or up and coming since Sugah got really excited let me go snagit. I must say I was highly impressed with their skins. I was a little meh, because it didn't go up to moonlight (yall know how I feel about moonlight tone) but in Fox it went to Mali I didn't catch that till last minute. Fox is the only one that goes up to Mali. NOW as I said before if ONLY IF Ebony, Moonlight are not available I will get Mali so Fox went from Sunkiss-Mali. So Sunkiss, Brownie, Chocolate, Mali. Nothing special within the packs. Hairbase, Skin, Earpack, brow/no brow. 

    Now onto Opulein, once again Sugah turned me onto this store and I have A LOT of their makeup. Not ONLY they make for EVOX they make for ADVX; Bingo. I feel in love with ADVX last year when they had their sale and I snagged two heads or was it three. Since then I was hooked they're really pretty and they come with a LOT. What ADVX have EVOX lacks. I would love EVOX to have a split tongue and more teeth options so I don't have to keep wearing catwa's because that is the best jaw option for teeth. Granted my favorite place for kreepy teeth accessories is Deadboy ^ which I'm wearing does very well with diverse teeth, but it would be nice if Deadboy made 1 set of teeth and combine everything together so we can have them to mix and match like the catwa jaw. Anyways I went from makeup to teeth, SORRY. 

    So Opulein makes for Evox and Advx and even Evox works well on Advx! So it's really worth to go and look at Opulein's store and she have sales quite frequently in her stores so if you're short on makeup for Advx then hit up Opulein. 

    Repulse is an OG store that is returning to the grid. I'm really excited to have them back because this is a place that I love to support and really glad to have them back. I loved their products back in the day and even now. One thing I loved about Repulse were their eyes because for some reason no matter how kreepy they were they were always vibrant. I am not sure how he does it, but he is a wizard at his eye making. So whenever I need kreepy eyes or anything in general kreepy I always think of Repulse cosmetic wise. Hit up Repulse and check out his eyeballs and his other kreepy selections he has going on! 

        Skin Fair #4 post, 6 more to go. Phew, so this is another inspiration portrait. So Bespoke has these unique looking skins in the blogger room and quite frankly I don't think anyone touched them. Seeing that they're fantasy I had to get them. Yall know how I am about my weird skins. The weirder the better, because it serves as a challenge and I like my challenges. Artist I took inspiration from is Dory Valart, The Nymph of Trees. Dory is a 3D modeler with an eye for concept art, and her portfolio is really nice, not to much on it, but from what I can tell they do have a good eye for creating unique characters and objects. 

    So when looking at Bespokes Skin, which are called Elemental Skins. As always I do happy accidents. I had no clue I was on the Earth Skin and like I told Blu I thought it was a tree bark skin and I was like I'm confused why do a tree bark skin? 🤔 But then again It's Bespoke so 🤷🏾‍♀️ I expect the unique and abnormal when it comes to that brand. So in my mind I went with TREE. WE'RE GOING TO BE A TREE. Let's go TREE. So clueless on how I was going to be a flippin' tree, last night out of spare of the moment I went and looked for inspiration and came across Dory's piece. I sent it to Sugah and said "Think I can do this? 🤔" Sugah said "Yes" IT WAS ON. Challenge accepted lmao. So I was like we're going to be a flippin' tree. 

    Atlas here is the product I came up with. NOT quite Dory's but it's my take on it. I think I did pretty well, thanks to Sugah and Zuzu for the help! 
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