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.Basics of the bun.

The run down on Kodeine.


I’m a blogger in Second Life that really enjoys weird, obscene, cyberpunk, sci-fi, grotesque, fantasy, urban, and horror type elements. I do tend to do other types of posts, but those are ones I tend to enjoy the most above all else. If you haven’t notice I am a furry or at least pretend to be. My fursona is a mutant zonathrope spieces. I have a thing for collecting chicken type elements in second life, Jian animals, and second life food in general because it’s pretty to look at. I do in real life have a love for Spongebob most would consider it borderline obsession.

I tend to idle a lot in second life, because my mind wanders and it’s never steady and focus on one thing. Even if I am idle it’s normally something to do with real life or blogging. Always looking for the next thing to blog or figure out my next scene to do; inspiration. I don’t have a ton of sponsors I have bare minimum to be honest with you and it’s by choice.

I’m a very boring person. I always tell people. I don’t go to social gatherings my social circle is very small. I basically eat, sleep, and poop blogging/photography. At the moment I play random games in my free time and I enjoy talking to my mentor and friends during all the chaos that goes on throughout my day.

What I tend to wear in my photos.


  • Velour
  • Glam Affair
  • Moccino Beaute
  • Ives
  • Tres Beau
  • Nonnative
  • Fallen Gods
  • Stargazer Creations
  • Pity Party
  • Other random places.


  • Legacy Perky {I wear this in 98% of my photos. If it’s for Maitreya I’ll try the deformers before I wear Maitreya.}
  • Legacy
  • Slink Hourglass {Previously and sometimes randomly}
  • Inithium Kupra Classic


  • Lelutka: Briannon, Lilly, Fleur, Avalon {not in any particular order}
  • Genus: Classic W002, Strange W001, Strange W002 {I own all the heads, but I tend to use these the most}
  • Catwa: Queen & Sasa

My furry mod is a custom for those interested but all the parts and pieces can be bought on Marketplaces by Sugarcult, M.O.R, Apricot Paws