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Kodeine Haze


    So I am really feeling the new blog. Over time I will get the hang of Blogspot an it'll be fine. As I mention over and over it sucks to start over from the bottom, but this will be for the better. I did make one post of the previous of the I did on wordpress and it said something that my photos will be blocked for now on so I'll try to cross post this photo again to see. I will also try to get Syndicated on IheartSL since that is the only syndication that is still alive at this point. 

    Let's talk a little bit about Powder Pack. I am slightly disappointed in Amara Beauty. You ever blog for a designer years ago an stop because the flavor just gets stale? That's how I am with Amara Beauty. I know yall are like wow Syn really? How honest are you going to get. Well it's constructive criticism. Why do I have to be silent. I would love to see Amara beauty go past tone 35 in Powder Pack. If you hadn't noticed Amara Beauty includes ALL of her skin appliers in Powder Pack. Now it's a choice on doing that which is a privilege for us that can't afford the tones, don't have them, or want to just sample them. Well Amara Beauty tones go all the way up to 60! 60 is being the darkest an 10 being the lightest. So 35 is right in the middle. I want her to go past 35 so I can sample her darkest tones. 

    Ya I know yall are like not everyone likes dark tones nor want them, but I happen to love darker tones now an before years ago I only stuck with light tones. I'm not knocking anyone that loves lighter tones, but I am all for darker tones. An I would love to see Amara Beauty go past tone 35 so I can sample them. 

    Another store that I am really digging an upset that I am now just discovering is Dernier! NOW this is one creator the next time they get into Powder Pack I WANT them to put in a skin with light or dark tones. I got a tone from them for the Velour skin appliers Sunkiss an as I mention I don't go past Brownie. Sunkiss is pushing it! But that skin face was pretty SO Sunkiss is the lighest I will go. Anyways going right when I need to go left. So Dernier eyeshadow was really pretty nothing too like different about them. Standard eyeshadow like a few of them looked similar, but other than that. My next last post will be basically rating the Powder Pack. SO enjoy the look an check out below what they look like. 


What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: CAMO - Orion Dreads  

Head: Lelutka Evo X Fleur 3.1 

Skin: amara beauty - Brandi 35 - NO BROWS [New][@ Powder Pack August Lelutka

Eyes: KitCat - Eclipse Eyes FATPACK [New][@ The Warehouse Sale

Body: The Shops! Legacy Perky Petite Female 


Eyebrows: {minuit} Psycho brows 

Eyelashes: keikumu - milano lashes [New][@ The Warehouse Sale

Tattoo: Lilithe'// Yami Tattoos - Faded [New][@ The Warehouse Sale


Scanner: >UNGOD Cyber Braindance 

Forehead Implant: [ Conviction ] Mutant Implants

Earrings: Normandy -aku.gaki hoops

Piercing Set : *Rainbow Sundae* Esme Piercings - FATPACK [New][@ The Warehouse Sale

Collar: Normandy-Buzz.Collar [New][@ Planet29

Wires: ERSCH - 01 Baby Wire {Legacy&Perky} [New][@ Cyber Fair, coming up] 


Bodysuit: Normandy-Horizon.Bodysuit [Hex-legacy perky]


Droid: .Tardfish.  Laser Sentry

Spaceship: .Tardfish. Space Ship Zoom 

Pose: Black Cats poses - Scanner FATPACK