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Kali the Ragdoll Imp


    Greetings earthlings! It is I, Kali the Ragdoll Imp! I had to drop in an pay a visit to the wonderful Cyber Fair that was broadcasted throughout the universe! Did you'll thought you were the only ones all this time? Well everything in the movies were true! NO, some of us are like the Independence Day alien Invaders an some like Signs. DUH! Then some of us are like ME! Or well similar to me. I am from a planet Izuno that's in the galaxy of Eridani! I'm obsessed with the third rock from the sun called Earth and every so often through my radio I'll get a signal broadcast when this 'Cyber Fair' is coming! 

    We Izunoans are very similar to you Earthlings, but we have stuffing inside of us! We always keep needle an thread on us in case we break apart! I love to spy on the Earthlings and their technology and even developed some of my own devices on my own planet! Earthlings are you ready for Kali the Ragdoll Imp to invade the so called 'Cyber Fair'?! I am very much excited to meet you all an explore the venue! Here I come Earthlings, Kali is here! 

    Well Cyber Fair is now open an you have until September the 26th to visit! It's a very amazing around an I am so excited to blog these items that I had to get a jump start on it. Normally I wait a few days after the event opens, but no. I am going to get right into it.  I'll be linking the gallery and the cam sim for you to visit so you can try to get in quicker an also for you to see what is being offered. I'd advise you to keep checking the gallery because not everything is pictured yet! 

Gallery: Cyber Fair | Access-SL Gallery

Actual Sim

Cam Sim

What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: CAMO - Case Dreads [New][@ Cyber Fair]  

Head: Lelutka Evo X Avalon 3.1

Skin: VELOUR: Project Alien - Evo X [New][@ Cyber Fair]  

Body: -Belleza- Freya V6 BOM/BENTO


Eyes: Ezout - Button Eye

Tail: [M.O.R] bento demon tail

Patchworks: Sweet Thing - Patchwork [New]


Goggles: DM:: Cyber Glasses And Animation Lens2 [New][@ Cyber Fair]  

Headphones: CyberTooth Coda Headphones CHERRY [New][@ Cyber Fair]  


Jacket: krankhaus - Freya - Plastixxx Jacket 

Pants: Blueberry - Ripped Jeans with Sweaters - Freya -

Skates: Kottr Concept Mait/Freya/Legacy F/Slink F [These only work for Apricot Paws Feety Peets. Make SURE you have Apricot Paws Feety Peets. Ad can be deceiving] 


Background: TROPIX // Cyber Repair Backdrop - No light [New][@ Cyber Fair

Neon Sign: TROPIX // Cyber signboard STORE [New][@ Cyber Fair

Sign: TROPIX // Cyber signboard [New][@ Cyber Fair

Power Box: TROPIX // Power Box [New][@ Cyber Fair

Trash Can: TROPIX // Closed trash [New][@ Cyber Fair

Device: TROPIX // I.A Driven Device [New][@ Cyber Fair

Pose: Poseidon - Jet Set Skating Pack