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Pistol on my side

"Pistol on my side, you don't want that thing to scream at ya." 

"Laughin' when you die, boy, my pistol, a comedian." - Lil Wayne 

    Okay so It's been awhile since I posted anything an I am slow to! I have several reasons why because I am having a great time in real life. I feel like my brother and husband are my guardian angels an are guiding me. They bought me a brief peace moment of piece right now in real life an I am starting to be happy. Do I still have my moments where I sob an have days where I don't get out of bed an be mopey. Yes. Will the pain go away? No. Am I ready to move on? No. I find different things to cope an I still think of them here. Every time the conversation comes up in the house regarding something about my Uncle, Grandfather, Brother and Husband I divert the conversation because I don't want to talk about it. So no, I am not ready to move on an come to terms with it. But I do believe my hubby an brother are giving me signs that it's okay. 

    Lets move on to some Second Life things. 

    There is a new event fast approaching called Tokyo Zero! So what sort of venue is Tokyo Zero you say? Well it's a Dystopic Future: Streetwear, Urban Style, Cyberpunk, and Japanese Style. When does it start the September 10th - September 30th.  

    Sponsors this round: Rekt, Cubic Cherry, Tropix, The White Crow, Dreamcatcher, Moon Rabbit, Inzoxi, Evermore, Babyboo, Bad Bunnies and more. 

    Some regulars that everyone loves are: Ayashi, Ungod, Psycho Pills, Dappa Tattoos, Mewsery, Hanzel, Junk Food, Core & Gore, Neo Kitsch and more. 

So it's going to be a really AMAZING around and I am really excited to be apart of this. It's right up my alley an 

Enjoy the photo an of course my landmarks will be posted once the event opens up! 


What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: {Limerence} KItana hair-Fatpack [New][@ Tokyo Zero] 

Head: Lelutka Evo X Briannon 3.1 

Skin: .E l e i. - HRS (Complete Skin) / HRS004 [New][@ Cyber Fair

Eyes: Storybook - Splendor Eyes 

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky Petite 


Horns: Core&Gore: W-03 Horns [blue]  [New][@ Tokyo Zero] 

Backpack: :::SOLE::: SA - Backpack LB4 (White)

Armband: :::SOLE::: SA - Armtech Mk.4 (White)(R)

Implants: :::SOLE::: SA - CK implant (Black)

Ear Piece: *zeroichi* cyber incam L (steel) [New][@ Cyber Fair

Gun: [SAC] M870 4 TASK Shotgun v2.01 [New][@ The Warehouse Sale


Bodysuit: - sixx - Alita Suit - Perky[Available in Multi-bodies; Legacy Perky, Legacy, Maitreya Petite, Maitreya, Kupra, Freya, and Erika] [New] [@ Cyber Fair


Backdrop: TROPIX // Parking Lot SkyBox 01 [New][@ The Warehouse Sale

Sign: TROPIX //  Parking Sign 01 [New][@ The Warehouse Sale

Meter: TROPIX // Parking Meter Power Box [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]

Pose: [R2xSAC]_Kashou_Pose [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]

Pipe: TROPIX // Pack Plumbing 06 [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]