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Tuesday, September 14, 2021



    The inspiration behind this post was NOT really suppose to be influenced by Raiden. Technically I was going for a musical android that was hiding from society with SOME electrical powers, but I really went with a Raiden inspiration after I was editing. I really had fun with this look and editing it was really fun. I actually streamed this in our blogger discord; Blogger Intel,  so if you would like to get more streaming and tips please come join us. Sugah even did a live stream today on how she sets up a stream an I did how I do my edits. 

    Yes it was a simple edit, but hopefully some of the members of the group did pick up on some helpful tips and tricks! I'll include a discord url to server so anyone is welcome rather you don't blog, vlogger, or anything. You just want a small server to join then come join us. We speak on things happening on the grid, we voice our own opinions, have small debates and so forth. It's a complete judgement free zone. 

    So let me talk a little bit about the new event Tokyo Zero. Now that it's open and I have the items to blog I will say I am highly impressed with the event. For the first round I love the items. Now there are some items I am like why is this here? Such as a Ahegao Bumper? Not even sure if I spelled that correctly, but if that is how the designer rolls then that's how they roll. The blog manager did a excellent job getting nearly all the creators in the event to put into the blogger box which I was amazed. There were a few designers that I wish DID put in that I was waiting for, but unfortunately didn't.  That's how it goes sometimes life as being a blogger. 

    I will say they're some really creative designers in this event because some of the items I am seeing I am like wow. Like this hat I am wearing I am in love with. There is also another item that I can NOT wait to blog an wear. It's by Oh My Nya, it's so neat I am scared I am gonna take a terrible picture and mess it up because I am that hyped about the item. 

    So in a few days I will be giving Cyber Punk a small break and be taking some fantasy photos. We'll be stepping back into the land of Hobbits, Elves, Dwafs, Orcs, and Wizards. So we'll see how those photos go because I am having so much fun with my cyber punk photos!


What is Kodeine Wearing? 



Head: Lelutka Evo X Lilly 3.1 


Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky Petite 


Top: Normandy-Witness.Top [New][@ Cyber Fair


Android Face: Sunniva . Cyborg Face FX (Sunset) [New][@ Cyber Fair

Bandages: { MoonPhase } Body Wraps Set_OnFace 4 [New][@ Tokyo Zero

Body Wraps: { MoonPhase } Body Wraps Set_Top 14 [New][@ Tokyo Zero

Android Marks: ~JJ~ Specialty Tattoo (Gynoid/Android)

EVERMORE. [ skin.tone - tint/adjust ] - 50%


Hat: Fireheart Audio SLave Metal Jingasa [New][@ Tokyo Zero

Cables: ERSCH - 01 Baby Wire [New][@ Cyber Fair

Hand Wraps: -MUSU- Hand Wraps 

Hand Piece: SEKA's Klaw [New][@ Cyber Fair


Background: [inZoxi] - CyberCity - Night Skybox 02 [New][@ Tokyo Zero

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