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    The Solstice presents The Fellowship. It's basically Lord of the rings based event venue. Am I a Lord of the rings fan? Eh, I guess so! If it's on television I'll watch it because it's like a entire day marathon type of ordeal. It's a fantasy event so it's right up my alley so of course I'm going to blog it. Now how am I judging the event? I am going to give it about a 4.5. I would had LOVED to have seen more armor for male and female. A bit more weapons, Orc related things. I feel like looking at the items we've gotten it was more of the positive side of lord of the rings. 

    When I think of Lord of the rings I think of how gritty and battle thirsty it was. To me the items given it was too much accessories especially tiaras. Like how many tiaras can we get at this event? There was no female hair here. I will say there was a lot of male items here and if I had a male alt or had a male on my main account I would've been more than happy to blog the items here. 

    Now Pity Party does have a extremely pretty skin here called  Delphinium. It's made for Lelutka Evo X. It goes all the way up to Mali. I know I didn't do the skin justice in this photo, because I went an older route with it because of the Lelutka materials I used, but trust me yall it's really pretty. I also used Izzie's smile lines to make me appear older. 

    Now my next photo for Solstice will be a bit better, than this one. I know this one isn't anywhere near strong as my other photos I've been taking lately, but we all have at least one photo out of the week that just isn't on par. 

    So be sure to visit The Fellowship, it ends October 14th! 

What is Kodeine wearing?



Hair: CAMO - Mila Braids [New][@ Anthem

Head: Lelutka Evo X Fleur 3.1 

Skin: { Pity Party } Delphinium Lel Evo X { Mali } No Brows [New][@ The Fellowship]

Eyes: Arte - Elf Eyes [New][@ The Fellowship

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky Petite 


Eyebrows: Arte - Rebel Eyebrows

Baby Hairs: CAMO - Baby Hair Essentials - A02 EVOX [New]

Smile Lines: Izzie's - LeL Evo X - Smile Lines 06 75%

Highlight: : Dernier : "Upper Body" Highlighter Soulder #3 (30% Opacity)


Headpiece: LuluB! - Cementeria - Violet/Silver. [New][@ The Fellowship]

Tiara: OXIDE Ilmira Circlet [New][@ The Fellowship]

Earring: namo. eowyn earrings - sparkles EVO F [New][@ The Fellowship]

Collar:  AsteroidBox. Caelum Collar 

Rings: ::Static:: Amarth Ring [New][@ The Fellowship]

Cape: + Tattered Hagoromo BLACK + {aii}