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Obey Me

What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: Lamb. Tease

Head: .:C/X:. Coyote - Female - Head - v1.0

Skin: { aa } Geisthund (Invert) - Skin (Fem) [New][@ The Guild] [Two alphas for BOM and Non. Ears, Canis/Lupus, Fennex, and Coyote head textures. Male & Female skin, Gums, Neck fix and tail. Three different colours Inverted, Orange, Sunset ]

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky Petite 


Tail: { aa } Geisthund (Invert) - Tail [New][@ The Guild][Comes with mod] 

Ears: { aa } Geisthund (Invert) - Ears [New][@ The Guild][Comes with mod] 


Choker: SEKA's Evil Choker DARK 

Cuff: SEKA's Evil Cuff DARK

Stockings: SEKA's Latex Waifu 

Gloves: SEKA's Thumb Glove  


Skirt: Normandy-Seda.Skirt [New][@ Planet29

Top: Normandy-Seda.Top [New][@ Planet29


Backdrop: Holy Church - Bright Nights Vol 2. - The Bearded Guy

Pose: Black Cats Poses - Obey Me

Bar: Ederigon - Lunaris Bar Fatpack  [New][@ Tokyo Zero