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Patiently Waiting

    It's Black Friday, one of the busiest and popular time of the year and trust me I went to Lelutka and gave her my money like here daddy take my money. I uploaded a lot of money and still hadn't finished getting all my heads because I am waiting for friends to get on so we can shop on Second Life. Real life I'll be going out like Sunday to do some shopping. I might order some things offline today. I had items in my cart for a few months lol items are probably sold out, but it's still a chance. 

    This image was going to be a Powder Pack photo, but I decided against it because honestly, I wasn't really impressed with how my face was looking this way. So I just decided against it and the skin I'm using in this one I'll do a more personal close up on it today for tomorrows photo or tonights photo because I got a new head. I can now have different looks and not wear the heads I had. I will be changing my face and body over the next weeks till I find the way I want to look like. 

    I'll be tweaking my character design. I'll be going back to wearing a bit more of my character design in my photos at times, because I miss my character or I'll just maybe take a separate photo of my character. But I am so happy I got different heads. I also got the Ebody for discount. Bitch waited till today to get it and I was serious. I was not gonna get that body at full price. Everything that I didn't get in the last months my cheap ass will get it now. 

    So Imma go give you designers more of my money! I know yall aren't gonna be doin' Happy weekend, Saturday Sale and stuff, if yall are Thank yall I'll be happily doing it :D I got paid today so I'm ready to give yall my monies. 


What is Knovokaine wearing? 



Hair: CAMO - Solana F-Locs  (Rigged) [New][@ Ebody Reborn Event

Head: Lelutka Evo X Fleur 3.1 

Skin: VELOUR: Daniela for Evo X (EBONY - NB)[New][@ Powder Pack November Reservation Gift

Eyes: A.D.D.Andel! Bionic Eyes-Green [New][@ Salvage Station

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky Petite 


Robotic Implants: { MoonPhase } CyberWorld [New][@ Salvage Station

Tattoo: [AERTH] Subdermal Cybernetics SILVER [New][@ Abstrak

Cigarette Burns: Ladybird. // Cigarette Burns - Healing


Glasses: :::SOLE::: SA - Glasses Penta CP (White Black) [New][@ Salvage Station

Earring: Normandy-0.50Cal.EarRings  [New][@ Salvage Station][Also comes in Animesh] 

Rings: RAWR! Trinity Rings 

Implants: [ Conviction ] Mutant Implants 

Cuffs: Astara - EmoTech  


Top: :: ANTAYA :: Top "Maya" Legacy FATPACK [New][@ Abstrak

Panties: duckie . barely there legacy white [modded] 


Backdrop: Paparazzi - BACKDROP - Cyberpunk Street

Pose: Secret Poses - Vita [New][@ Abstrak