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Tuesday, November 23, 2021

Rat Race


    So I've been feeling very sick this previous week so I missed deadlines like crazy for some events and maybe maybe not and I also had modem issues so I just been all sorts of jacked up.  I was able to participate within the new event by SLS, Second Life Syndicate called Salvage Station. Of course I had to do my own spin on things and took it to a cyber punk element. Some of the items in there vibe with Cyber Punk and Post Apocalyptic. I almost threw in some items from Tokyo Zero and Abstrak event. Now I am really puzzled as to when these two events end as I am a legit blogger for them? They both start at odd times and end also at odd times? So I am like did I meet the deadline or not? Like when do these events start and end?? So I am just like welp, I am just going to blog till some of the items speak to me. I got Powder Pack to do and I'll do that soon. I am gonna try to knock out all this this week while I am out for work.  

So enjoy the random photo! 

What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: lock&tuft - king (up)

Head: BeSpoke - Rodent Carla - Head (female neck) [New][@ Salvage Station

Skin: BeSpoke - Rodent Carla - Skin - Undercity [New][@ Salvage Station

Eyes: Misteria - Grungy Eyes - Pink Question [New][@ Abstrak Event

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky Petite 


Glass: LILITHIUM - Morphe Glasses [New][@ Abstrak Event

Earrings: Oinc - Spiral Earring [New][@ Abstrak Event

Gloves: SEKA's Hand Wrap [New][@ The Warehouse Sale

Arm Piece: :::SOLE::: SA - Armtech Mk.4 (White)(R)

Neck: 12. [CX]&::SOLE:: - Neck Regulator (White)


Boots: HARO Tire Boots - Legacy(f) [New][@ Salvage Station

Dress: ERSCH - Gatecrasher  [New][@ Tokyo Zero][Comes in: Kupra, Lara Petite, Lara, Legacy Perky, Legacy, and Reborn] 


Backdrop: .PALETO. Backdrop:.Memphis  (MATERIAL)(PHYSICS)(NO LIGHT) 

Light Post: PIRAYA&TROPIX - Cyber City Gacha -  light pole 

Machine: PIRAYA&TROPIX - Cyber City Gacha - soda machine 

ATM: PIRAYA&TROPIX - Cyber City Gacha - ATM

Wires: PIRAYA&TROPIX - Cyber City Gacha - wires 

Cone: PIRAYA&TROPIX - Cyber City Gacha - traffic cone 

Barrel: PIRAYA&TROPIX - Cyber City Gacha -  barrels 02 

Metal: PIRAYA&TROPIX - Cyber City Gacha -  scrap metal 

Sign: PIRAYA&TROPIX - Cyber City Gacha - neon sign inspected

Pose: made by me 

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