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    So this is a quick post. It took me a day or two to figure out how to use this mod from ::Static::. You can actually get this mod from Dreadmorne township forest of dead toys.  My setup is real simple and nothing fabulous about it. My idea was like a frozen candy imp or demoness something of that nature. It was just an excuse so I can use the Apricot Paws Hoofy paws I snagged from Black Friday. You can pick this item up now from ::Static:: which is really worth Nama even made it for Ebody reborn so that was a plus plus, but in the photo I am not wearing it, I am still legacy 

So if you want it, be sure to go visit Nama's stall and pick up her other goodies there! 

- Kodeine

What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: []Trap[] & :[P]: - Ark Hair  size 2 [New][@ We <3 Rp] 

Head: Lelutka Evo X Gaia 3.1 

Skin: UNHOLY_Hikari Fantasy Skin_GreyAlien_No Brows [Sidenote, I wore a skin tinter to get it this colour blue] 

Eyes: :[P]:- Goliryn Eye

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky Petite 


Highlighter: : Dernier : "Luminous" Highlighter [New][@ Powder Pack November][Comes in: Three different shades and three different opacities] 

Lipstick: IVES x LeLU EvoX - TheFeels Lipgloss #PACK1 (50% - 04) [New][@ Powder Pack November ][Comes in: 8 colours with 3 different opacities] 

Eyebrows: Unholy - Hayakawa Brows 


Horns: [NoRush] Deer Horns 1 - NATURAL [New][@ Tokyo Zero][Opens on the 10th] 

Collar: [CX] Yule Lord Collar - (Silver) [Previous Gacha] 

Snow: Persefona Floating Snow 2 (pattern 7)

Gore: ::Static:: Rotten Candy Gore [New][@ Dreadmorne Township] [Candy not included, added into the scene] 


Top: [Salem] Lucille Top // Legacy Perky Petite [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]

Panties: [Salem] Lucille Thong // Legacy [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]

Gloves: V/.VoluptasVirtualis  - Sasha Sleeves [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]


Cotton Candy: {Vixen} - Creepy Cotton Candy - {#12} 1 

Cotton Candy 2: {Vixen} - Creepy Cotton Candy - {#11} 1 

Cotton Candy 3: {Vixen} - Creepy Cotton Candy - {#10} 1 

Cotton Candy 4: {Vixen} - Creepy Cotton Candy - {#01} 1 


Stump: (Fundati) Tree Stump XIV -Snow- 

Log: (Fundati) Dead Tree III -Large + Low LOD- Snow 

Rocks: (Fundati) Northern Rock I -snow-

Tree: (Fundati) Dead Tree IV -Snow- 

Stump 2: (Fundati) Tree Stump XVIII -Snow- 

Rock 3: (Fundati) Snowy rock 4