Lost in the moment

Kodeine Haze


    So I am getting a jump start on a resolution for next year and it's to take more couple poses and I finally have some folks to take them with me. I will admit I suck at taking couple poses. I have no clue the angles, positions, styling, emotions or anything. So with the help of my new admirers I shall be doing some couple poses more often in the next year. I was never opposed to doing collaborations with other photographers just I don't think I was anyone choice nor no one felt up to the challenge of setting up times and dates on getting the photos done. That's always a hassle. 

    So ya the photo doesn't make much sense, but I really did have a great time taking it with him. Hopefully the new year will bring me more peace and I'm to focus on my mental health more and just finish doing me. I'll also be pushing out my photography more on my social media platforms because I want to mingle with liked mind folks.  

    I want to do and better my reviews since last year or so I started to become more of a review blog than just an post credits and go. I still do do that though, but I try to do a review on something I'll wear. So I'll be focusing more on my hobby and perfecting it and so forth than anything. Starting this weekend since I am off from work for almost an entire month, but ya. 


What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: CAMO - River F-Locs  [New][@ Ebody Event

Head: Lelutka Evo X Kaya 3.1 

Skin: [Heaux] Malia - Browless - Ebony *VE

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky 


Babyhairs: CAMO - Baby Hair Essentials - A03 EVOX 

Tattoos: Fewness - Ashnikko Tattoo - Faded - Upper 02,08, 21, & 29

Nipples: BLAXIUM -Nipples Set #3- B/W 3 

Stretch Marks: Izzie's - Body Stretch Marks 08

Freckles: Izzie's - Body Veins & Freckles 08

Veins: TF: Body Veins :: Heavy :: Light  (BoM)


Corset Piercing: Insomnia Angel . Lottie corset piercing (Perky) [New][@ The Warehouse Sale]

Harness: Eliavah ~ Opulence Harness [Legacy Perky TIGHT] [New][@ The Warehouse Sale][Reblog] 

Piercings: AVEC TOI - Circular Nipple Barbells (LegacyPERKY) 

Cuff: .random.Matter. - Kihyun Cuffs - Lilac [G][L] 

Rings: Vibing -- Xoxo Rings -- Silver -- LEFT -- Legacy 


Backdrop: Paparazzi BACKDROP - The Room With A View (with raindrops) 

Pose: RK Poses - Beyond Words