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Wednesday, December 8, 2021


    Okay so I actually do a photo with Glooms lipsticks from Powder Pack and I will tell you I love PACK 2 more than PACK 1. I'll tell you why. Pack 2 seemed more geared towards darker tones while Pack 1 was more pale. I am all for bright lipsticks, but I want neons and not neutrals to be bright. So I stuck with Pack 2. GRANTED Pack 1 did have some lipsticks that did/do work with darker tones. I just prefer Pack 2. I actually took a photo of the two huds inworld to see what was written on them because the font was so tiny I was struggling even with my glasses on. 

    Then I was like OH the lightbulb went off in my head. I was like duh they're different types! But my last statement still stands correctly with Gloom. I want to see that brand branch out and do something different other than neutrals and pale tones. 

    I know Davhie has some sort of bone to branch out and do different things because I've blogged a bunch of his cyber fair items because they're so different than some avatar modifications that are usually in the event. Am I being hard on the brand? Maybe, but I know what Gloom is capable of and the brand is extremely great. When I wear the neutrals from the pack its as if I seen them before.  But Novembers Powder Pack I was not a fan of. I wanna say t his is the least favorite box I've seen from Powder Pack that if anyone asks me which ones to get this isn't making the list. If I could sit a round out, this would've been one. 

    Well that concludes my review of Novembers Powder Pack. You have a week till Decembers Powder Pack which launches the 17th! 


What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Mallongaj hair - Redheads

Head: Lelutka Evo X River 3.1 

Skin: MB - LeLutka EvoX Visage - Symone Ebony (F.NB)

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky Petite 


Lipstick: Gloom - Neutral Collection [New][@ Powder Pack November

Tattoo: .A. Nekane  [New][@ Abstrak Event


Holster: [Krieger] ShoulderHolster VP Lrg Akimbo [New][@ The Warehouse Sale

Cigarette: Chris Two Designs - Grab my pack my cigarette 

Collar: Spookshow - Numb Collar 


Bra: Normandy-OYA.Bra

Skirt: Normandy-OYA.Skirt 

Pasties: SEKA's Wreck Nip 

Gloves: Eliavah ~ Eminence Gloves  

Stockings: Eliavah ~ Eminence Socks


Pose: Black Cats Creations - Sound of Silence FATPACK [New][@ The Darkness Event

[I forgot to include the close ups! Sorry!!] 

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