Kodeine Haze


    So I was inspired by an artist; Ibrahem Swaid. I was looking for inspiration to do because I don't do mermaids. So I guess his alias on the website is Noobovich. His art is really neat. He's done comic covers, card games, overwatch, and portraits. He has a huge selection of card game images.  

    But I really fell in love with his Cyber Mermaid series he did. It's only six images, but each has their own different story told. Even though in his art the tails are mechanic, we don't have those in second life so I just decided to do a very vibrant tail skin and just make my upper body very cyberpunk look. 

    This is my take on his Cyber Mermaid series! His series has everything I love fantasy and cyberpunk what more can ya ask for right? So I asked on my flickr and instagram if anyone want me to continue my series. I may not to 6 images because it's only so many I can do. So the question is 

 Do you want me to continue this Cyber Mermaid series??


What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: DOUX - Sophie Hairstyle [M]

Head: Lelutka Evo X Briannon 3.1 


Eyes: Gloom. - Death Collection - Fatpack

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky Petite 


Eyebrows: Core&Gore :: Kimon eyebrows BOM [style 3]

Pebbles: Misteria - Face Pebbles - Bright [New][@ Chronicles & Legends Store Hunt]

Eyeshadow: { aa } Siren Eyeshadow - Green [New][@ Chronicles & Legends

Blush: { aa } Siren Blush - Green [New][@ Chronicles & Legends]  

Tattoo: Apocalyptic Tattoos - Cybercircuits tattoo Legacy

Tail Skin: Misteria - Party in the Ocean - Lime [New][@ Chronicles & Legends]  


Third eye: *NeverWish* Watcher Third Eye 

Implant: .:Short Leash:. ControlCore Unit // NO RLV [New][@ Mainframe

Collar: 12. [CX]&::SOLE:: - Neck Regulator (White) 


Tail: Cynefin ~ Nemissa Base Set {LEGACY F}

Takeout: Dots - Asian Eats  - #2 Octopus Meal RARE 


Top: Normandy-Carbine.Top [Perky] [New][@ Mainframe] [Comes in: Maitreya, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Kupra, Erika, Ebody] [Not worn are the bottoms] 


Vending Machine: HILTED - Terachips Snack Vending Machine - Pink [New][@ Mainframe

Vending Machine 2: KMGM-CyberVendingMachine Soda 

Soda: Schadenfreude KokeshiCha Cans 

Pose: ~ Cynefin ~ Lorelei Pose Pack 1