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    I have been wanting to do a Medusa Cosplay for the longest of time and I'm so happy I been able to do so. Medusa story is a very tragic one and honestly one of my favorite ones out of the Mythology. I highly recommend listening to the pod by Parcast: Mythology.  She was wronged by the Goddess Athena and Poseidon. In my eyes Athena was the villain and could've helped Medusa when she was suffering through her ordeal, but instead Athena decided to curse her to live her life as a Gorgon.    
    I know you're like, why is Athena the villainess and not Medusa? Well how would you like it to be hunted because of you just trying to survive? After awhile I would turn bitter and trying to kill everyone as well. Medusa in all was a fighter. Fighting to get away from Poseidon when he chased her all the way into Athena's temple, fighting Poseidon off her, and fought to live, till that one faithful day she just lost. 

What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: Black Cats Creations - Medusa [Part of Pose Set] 

Head: Lelutka Evo X Sasha 3.1 


Eyes: The Stringer Masoleum - Hydra Eyes [New][@ Enchantment

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.68


Glitter: {aa} - Goddess Glitter - Gold [New][@ Enchantment

Eyeshadow: Zen Child Designs - Hekate's Daughter Makeup [New][@ Enchantment

Shine: Blaxium - Scales body Shine 


Arrows: ::Static:: Wrath of Athena {Female} Chest [New][@ Enchantment

Bracelet: :: ANTAYA :: Bracelets "Adonia" GOLD Legacy [Will have some clipping][Free][@ Mainstore][Hunt; Enchantment; Look for the Lyre] 

Nails: RAWR! Nicole Nails 

Rings: RAWR! Nicole Rings


Sash: OLD TREASURES - KLEOS Sash -no dress (reborn) 


Background: Mesh Entity: Ithaca House Backdrop [New][@ Enchantment

Pose: Black Cats Creations - Medusa