Unleash the KRAKEN

Kodeine Haze


    So I know I hadn't been posting much nor have I spoken about anything in forever! I feel like I should start talking again to my audience! Without yall I wouldn't be here! So I got the inspiration from of course someone art station. I honestly don't remember who the artist was because I didn't save the url. So to the artist that inspired me to finally get out my rut thank you! Also another great person that brought me out of my rut is a newly inquired motherly figure, Blu! I know this is not what I'd normally do, but I wanted to practice somethings and so forth. 

    I am not very great with water, but with the help of Blu I figured out how to make my water look better! Overall I really love how this photo came out and it was really fun to do! This was such a great photo I've done in such a long time even though it took me like a week to do! 

What is Kodeine wearing? 



Head: BeSpoke - Monster Cthulhu [New][@ Engine Room

Skin: BeSpoke - Cthulhu Skin - Lunar [New][@ Engine Room

Eyes: BeSpoke - Cthulhu Eyes - Kraken [New][@ Engine Room

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.68

Tentacles: [Cubic Cherry] {Kraken Hug} tentacles 

Tentacles 2: [Cubic Cherry] {Tentacles Army}

Ship: *The Cove* Pirate Ship