Sunday, May 29, 2022

Junkyard Space Dog


What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: KMH - Hair CP015 [New][@ Sci-Fi Con

Head: [AUG] - Espen head 

Skin: //A\\ PIBBLE - PATTERN 2 - FEM (BLU) [New][@ Abnormality

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky Petite 


Tattoo: Lilithe'// Janus Tattoos - Faded [New][@ Sci-fi Con


Head goggles: No Cabide :: Korin - VR Glasses  [New][@ Cyber/Punk

Neck goggles: Purgatory. - [1] Goggles (Zinc) 

Collar: XO // iCollar [New][@ Cyber/Punk

Wrench: [VelTec] Repair Wrench 


Outfit: Malified - Cyber Mechanic Jumpsuit [New][@ Scifi-Con] 


Robot droid: [AMC] solares >> Tiger (ADD) #amc #m:tiger 

Cooler: solares >> Robo Cooler 

Missile:[LINKRAVE] Pointy Missile - Black [New][@ Cyber/Punk

Soda: [RRC] 12-Pack Box 

Droid: Normandy-Security.Chief [Animesh] [New][@ Cyber Fair] 

Droid 2: solares >> CAT-5 [White/Black] 

Droid 3: solares >> Mini Pizza Giver 

Coffee Maker: Normandy-SolarPowered Coffee Maker [Dark-Rez] [New][@ Sci-Fi Con

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