Futuristic Faces

Kodeine Haze


    So I was inspired by another artist on artstation; Barry Brown Jr, when I go looking for inspiration. I honestly changed mine up a LOT, but I thought I'd have fun an do close ups on things I hadn't worn or was going too? The first girl will have more details than the other two because that skin is from the Powder Pack June reservation gift. 

    I loved how he did different looks for different cyber punk ethnic females. I tried to keep the gold theme, but I had to HAD to add some colour in some where. Doing something like this was really interesting for me and fun! So thank you Mr. Barry Brown Jr for being the inspiration for this piece of artwork I did! 

What is Kodeine wearing? 


[LOOK 1] 

Hair: [Yomi] Tenshi Hair [New][@ The Warehouse Sale

Head: Lelutka Evo X Sasha 3.1 

Skin: VELOUR: ARIA for Evo X (BROWNIE - NB) [New][@ Powder Pack Lelutka June

Eyes: Fireheart Heterchromia Eyes-Fatpack LEL [New][@ Tokyo Zero

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky Petite 

Eyeshadow: keikumu - bratty eyeshadows (gold) [New][@ The Fifty

Lashes: Michan Kenzie Lashes 

Lipstick: [Tear] Xiu Gloss (Lel Evo/X) [New][@ Tokyo Zero

Cyber Enhancements: Elei. LA8811 (Face Implant) / Tintable [New][@ Cyber Fair

[LOOK 2] 

Hair: CAMO - Orion Dreads 

Head: Lelutka Evo X Fleur 3.1 

Skin: IVES - LeLU EvoX - Liv Skin - (VE MOONLIGHT) WB 

Eyes: ABSINTHE - Lore eyes [New][@ Tokyo Zero

Mole: Jack Spoon. Biba Kit (beauty mark 2) EVOX

Cyber Enhancements: ~Little Foxy B.~ Cyber Tatto Face 03 Tintable (LeL EvoX) [New][@ Cyber Fair

Lipstick: Gloom. - Cosplay Lips - Fatpack - Lelutka Evo 

Earrings: Normandy - aku.gaki hoops 

Piercings are from the lelu pack 

[LOOK 3] 

Hair: [Yomi] Deiji Hair [New][@ The Fifty

Head: Lelutka Evo X Briannon 3.1 

Skin: :Dernier: "Vanya" Skin Lelutka Evo X (Ebony) N/E

Eyes: LOTUS. Grind Eyes Fatpack

Braces: Insomnia Angel . Kawaii Braces [New][@ The Warehouse Sale

Neck: V/.VoluptasVirtualis - Amaranth

Cyber Enhancements: Gloom. - Automaton Face - Gold [New][@ Cyber Fair

Lipstick: ~ Shiny Stuff ~  Lelutka City Slickers HD Appliers