Jocosa the mischief

Kodeine Haze
    Just a normal day in the dorms for this little fifteen year old. Expect she had a bit of mischief in the works. She stole three of her classmates pygmy puffs. She was a trickster and her classmates teased and bullied her for wearing headgear for her braces. Her best friend was no longer in school anymore and no one was to protect her. She couldn't wait till she was able to see her once again, but before she left; Narcissus taught her a thing or two about improving her personal spells.

    Here she was hiding in the corner of an secluded area of the castle that only she and Narcissus knew about getting ready to torment these poor cute creatures. Nothing terrible would come harm to the pygmy puffs just their owns when they pick them up. They might itch for a couple of days and have terrible allergic reaction.

What is Jocosa wearing? 


Hair: bonbon - morina hair - (unrig)

Head: Lelutka Evo X Prim 3.1 

Skin: { Pity Party } Iberis Lel Evo X { Brownie } No Brows

Eyes: Ladybird. // Auror Eyes HUNT PRIZE! [New][@ Wizarding Faire 2022][ Hunt Item 0-10L in the Castle.] 

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky Petite // Deformers on


Glasses: duckie . enchanted glasses // silver [New][@ Wizarding Faire 2022

Wand: Piper & Rue - Serpent Wander [New][@ Wizarding Faire 2022


Top: Orange*Pekoe - (8) Shirt #2 MPetite 


Pants: S/D Sandra - Black Cotton Pants 


Bookshelf: DRD - Wizards Classroom - Bookcase [New][@ Wizarding Faire 2022

Cage: DRD - Wizards Classroom - Decorative cage [New][@ Wizarding Faire 2022

Crystals 1: DISORDERLY. / Crystal Study / Crystal Collection / Multi [New][@ Wizarding Faire 2022

Crystals 2: DISORDERLY. / Crystal Study / Examining Crystals / Multi [New][@ Wizarding Faire 2022

Crystals 3: DISORDERLY. / Crystal Study / Researching Crystals / Multi [New][@ Wizarding Faire 2022] 

Potions: DRD - Wizarding Hunt - Potions [New][@ Wizarding Faire 2022][ Hunt Item 0-10L in the Castle.] 

Orb: DRD - Wizarding Hunt - Orb [New][@ Wizarding Faire 2022][ Hunt Item 0-10L in the Castle.] 

Books: DISORDERLY. / Spellbound / Single Cauldron / Cream 

[Hunt item looking for an Hourglass and hunt takes place inside the castle area not in the shopping area! ranging from 0L-10L]