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The Men


    Okay lets talk a little bit about this top! This top is by Quills & Curiosities and it was made for male bodies only; Experimental Legacy and Belleza Jake. In the photo I am wearing the Legacy with the Jake top. The front cut is fine it's the back cut where the butt curves is an issue. I saw this top in the blogger box and I was blown away how stunning it was and how beautiful. I wanted to do something regal because this hair from S-Club, if you recongize this hair S-Club is also from The Sims! I own a couple of their hairs and they're quite lovely! 
What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: S-CLUB EMILY hairstyle - 200722 FATPACK [New][@ Midnight Order

Head: .[AK ADVX] - Andro Head (F)

Eyes: Mana. // Daemon Eyes [New][@ Midnight Order

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky Petite 


Eyeliner: T1S - BESTIE EYELINER (BOM) 14

Lipstick: Jack Spoon.Vamp Lip Kit 

Blood: sacrilege . eternal damnation 

Eyebrows: Core&Gore :: Fluff Eyebrows [style 3] tint EvoX

Eyebrow 2: Core&Gore :: Fluff Eyebrows [style 2] tint EvoX

Tattoo: +Nuuna+ The CARO Black 70% EVOX [New][@ Midnight Order


Chalice: sacrilege . eternal chalice [gold] hold 2 - R 

Face Chain: SFU - Valak Face Chains [New][@ Midnight Order

Nails: [Yomi] Precious Petals 

Halo: [+Oblivis+] Shattering Sun Halo (S) Brass [New][@ Midnight Order


Quills & Curiosities - Jacquard Blouse (Jake) [New][@ Midnight Order