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Hazy Daze


    I absolutely had fun with this image! Its so weird and random, but I just love it! I just wanted to do some sort of Cyber punk mixed with fantasy and I'm like why not make it so that she's apart of some toxic type environment . I mean come on everyone knows I am going to think outside the box when it comes to things. I just can't get away from Cyber Punk. I just love the colours! I know what everyone is thinking and going to say "You don't have to be Cyber Punk to love colour", "There's other genres that is all about colour!!" Well as I sit here and knock back and forth in my chair. YA it's true! There are different genres that cater to having bright colours, but I just so happen to gravity towards Cyber Punk. That is my ted talk for tonight! 


What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: Raven Bell - Autumn Hair v1

Head: BeSpoke - Succubus Qarinah  [New][@ Midnight Order

Skin: UNHOLY_Hana Poison No Brows

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female Perky 


Tattoo: [Salal] Dragonnel Scales Grape EvoX [New][@ Warehouse Sale] [Last Days] 


Collar: duckie . custom hologram collar // no spin [New][@ Warehouse Sale] [Last Days] [Can customize comes with UV to make your own wording] 

Horns: Quills & Curiosities - Draconis Horns [New][@ Warehouse Sale] [Last Days] 


Corset: A&Y Lornx Cybergothic Corset (Legacy) - multicolor [New][@ Midnight Order][Comes in Legacy and Maitreya Only] 

Panties: A&Y High Panties (Legacy) - multicolor [Comes in Legacy and Maitreya only][Wearing but can't see trust me they're nice worn with the corset] 


Mushrooms: [CC] Slimedrip Mushrooms Set- Fatpack [New][@ Enchantment

Grass: CuteCvlt - Thick Brush V1 - Greyscale 

Rocks: (Fundati) Mossy Rocks