Thursday, August 11, 2022

Majestic Dragon


    Abnormality has started and of course I am always late with a pre-post! You can get this gorgeous mod in thirteen different colours provided by {Ghosted}. The Verdant Kirin avatar is a collaboration by RUF & Ghosted. It comes with a Shape, Hair Base, Skirt base for the tail, Ears, Two type of eyes for furry & human, Head, Horn, Tail, Tendrils, legs for Freya, Jake, Maitreya and Reborn. No legacy. Legacy will probably come out later on. 

What is Kodeine wearing? 



Mod: [RUF&GHOSTED] Verdant Kirin - MESH KIT v1.11[New][@ Abnormality Event SL

Skin: {GHOSTED} WYLD'S WAKE - FUBUKI DAHLIA [New][@ Abnormality Event SL

Eyes: IKON Deadshine Resurrected Eyes (BOM) - Light Celestial

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.3


Halo: Quills & Curiosities - Cathedral Halo [New][@ Midnight Order

Body Modification: .SB. + [BORK] Mounds Breast Augment - eBody Reborn v1.4 

Nails: RAWR! Stacked Nails

Rings: RAWR! Stacked Rings 

Butterflies: Quills & Curiosities - Fluttery Friends [New][@ Enchantment] 


Outfit: :[Petrichor &Ersch]:- Zarys - Pack - Worn [New][@ Midnight Order][Comes in: Reborn, Kupra, Perky & Legacy, Lara & Petite, and Mounds. 2 different types of Sleeves, I'm wearing sleeves B with mounds.] 


Moths: Love - Luna Moth Decor 

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