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Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Kill Bot


What is Kodeine wearing? 


Hair: . Doe . Vickie . Kraken .

Head: BeSpoke/Contraption - Karasu Tengu Temple 

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female 


Arm: [x] - Prosthetic Arm - XC-88 / Yellow [New][@ Cyber Fair][ Comes in Gianni, Jake, Legacy Fem / Male, Maitreya , Reborn] 

Shoes: Phedora ~ Zion Sneakers ~  

Gun: SAC Steyr AUG A3 v1.06 FULL  [New][@ Warehouse Sale


Vest: A&Y Raizer Vest (Legacy) - multicolor [Comes in Maitreya & Legacy] 

Top: A&Y Raizer Top (Legacy) - multicolor [Comes in Maiterya & Legacy] 

Pants: MUSH. Nexus Cargo Pants Legacy F [New][@ Cyber Fair] [Comes in Legacy Male / Fem, Gianni, Reborn] 


Vendor: #ninety - Vending Machine 01 

Vendor 2: # ninety - Cyber Vending Food [ Burger]

Vendor 3: # ninety - Cyber Vending Food  [ Caker]

Veneor 4: # ninety - Cyber Vending Food  [ Pizza ]

Bots: Inkme - Kobe Robot Fatpack [New][@ Cyber Fair

Clutter: +Half-Deer+ Candy Clutter [Pastel Set]

Clutter 2: +Half-Deer+ Fast Food Clutter

Pose: [SAC] AUG A3 Poses [New][@ Warehouse Sale

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