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    It's been such a long time for me wanting to make my cyber mermaid OC. Yes, ever since coming across the artwork of the previous cyber mermaids I've did I officially have one with a tail that Decoy did. Will I continue to use this tail for the rest of the serious. No. Because each of piece of artwork I was inspired by were different completely and thats how I want to keep it. THIS photo was for me to have fun with and do. 

My friend named her Cyberella, but I wanted it to be a bit weird with the name so I did Sybaella because on how I pronounce things. Ebonics, I know! A little bit about Sybaella she is a musician along with her friend who isn't pictured. It'll be kinda of hard to put both my OCs together in a picture not really that's what alts are for right?  So she is part of the royal family, but not Ariel type. Think of like a distant cousin of Ariel type royalty? Instead she followed her heart and pursued a career in music! 

What is Kodeine wearing? 



Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] Fuyumi hair [New][@ Cyber Fair

Head: Lelutka Evo X Prim 3.1 

Skin: [Utopia] Mars / Alien 02 / No Brows / Evo X [New][@ Cyber Fair

Body: The Shops - Legacy Female 


Arm: THIS IS WRONG 404 Enhancement 4SHINE - Legacy/Perky L ARM 

Collar: [VERBOTEN] Charleston Collar {unrigged & resize} [New][@ Cyber Fair

Visor: [VERBOTEN] Charleston Visor {unrigged & resize} [New][@ Cyber Fair


Bodice: [[ Masoom ]] Dream Weaver Suit (Legacy) [New][@ Cyber Fair][Comes in Reborn, Mounds, Juicy B oobs, Kupra, Legacy, Legacy Perky, Lara Petite, Lara.] 


Monitor: [LINKRAVE] Display Screen Cluster (Gallery, high LI) 

Display: [LINKRAVE] Display Screen Hive - Type-A (Gallery) [New][@ Cyber Fair

Speaker: solares >> Hover Speaker [Glitch] RARE