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      So I am going to talk a bit about my life since October. I've been extremely in pain and just can not focus on my artwork. It's very difficult for me to sit at the computer for long periods of time. My wrist and back are killing me. I can't edit how I want nor create full blown intricate scenes anymore hence why I do portraits or half body pictures; a very special thank you to Sugah for helping me with decorating and rezzing things for me. Till my situation gets better I am afraid I can not do the work I need to do.     I am late with deadlines and it's affecting my work. I am sorry that I'm not my 100%, but life tosses us many trials and we must overcome them. I will be taking a break till I am 100% recoup. I'll still do my artwork, but it will be slow. My requirements will be slow extremely.  Thank you  -Synful Ghost