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  Speak lies to me  And my heart will beat it's truth.  Break my whim And my body responds to it's deeds.  Tell me you love me  And ...


    So no Grinch photo this year. I am skipping it maybe I'll do one next year but I'm not in the holiday spirit anymore, but I wanted to be green so...this is kinda of me being a Grinch? Skin is from ALT3, so far as a person that typically don't like to wear the same skin for no more than two weeks. ALT3 skins has gotten so much better.  As time goes on everyone's items get better! So I am glad that this skin at The Fifty looks great. 


    I in fact enjoyed taking this photo! I think it's very me and also sexy. I feel like I am slowly coming into my roots again, but I can tell you right now my Grinch photo is coming up and that is more me. I do not like Christmas and I don't celebrate it, but this image was really pretty and so was the dress. I even enjoyed that the dress had JUICY BOOBS AND JUICY ROLLS together. I don't see hardly anyone doing that. 

    What I thought the designer could do was just drop the giant bow around our waist to just make the bow JUST THE BOW at our private region. I didn't like the fact that they didn't have a Black texture, I get it's christmas event and such but it's GOTHMAS so I was expecting a black texture just not the metals. 

     These past two years has not been kind to me at all. I've lost several family members and recently I've been hit by a car. From October 2022 - December 2022 if you've noticed {hopefully} my creativity has dwindled massively because of several reasons. These two issues above are man factors. I've found my calling in second life. I love being a manager and helping others with their artwork. It gives me a joy to see everyones artwork and working with them! 

    2023 I'll be doing more things regarding the blogging world of second life. I am even going to go back doing my reviews, looks of the days and doing new and improved styling. I hit a point in my artwork that I am not impressed and in a rut. Quirky Neons is suppose to be a new me and better and I feel as if I've still have Eccentric Usagi still in the front. I wish to focus on creating my poses and shapes that are just for a hobby and I'd love to share with the grid. 

So please do stay around for my 2023 journey. Do not give up hope for me, it's going to be an interesting adventure. 




Synful Ghost // Kodeine Haze // Knovokainee Haze
Photographer and Blogger of Second Life