Piecing myself together

Kodeine Haze


    Mainframe and Midnight Order opened up today! Yes, late pre-post, but I am covered in that department! I really wanted to do something interesting. NK makes some really dope cybernetic pieces. I do not have enough of their store, but whenever they're in events I am I try to cover them because they're just really unique store in general. You can get this cybernetic mouthpiece at Midnight Order. My eyes are from Mainframe they're by a store called .evil. They're really nice eyeballs! You can't have too many eyeballs!  

What am I wearing? 



Hair: KMH - Hair CP019 Unrigged [New][@ Mainframe

Head: Lelutka Evo X Lilly 3.1 

Eyes: evil.- Access - Breach Alt [New][@ Mainframe

Body:  REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4


Cybernetic Augment: [NK* ARAKNYD] 'Back Alley' Fangs Implant (Female Preset Neck B) [New][@ Midnight Order][You can edit this also, and suggestion if your neck is in an odd position it'll poke out a bit.]

USB Cable: [Cubic Cherry] {USB} necklace [Group Gift] 


Bot 1: BONDI . Maru Drone . Fatpack

Bot 2: BONDI . Tamabondi Drone . Fatpack

Bot 2: BONDI.Status_Drone. Fatpack 

Table: Pitaya.Tropix - Cyber Club - Table Center 

Backdrop: BellePoses - Luminescence (Drop)