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Zimili the Wretched Repairman


    FIRST OF ALL, I AM SORRY IF YALL HATE THIS PHOTO, BUT I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS PIECE OF ART! I looked forward all week to do this and I am so sorry if it's not anyone cup of tea, but I loved this art I did. I was inspired by Ekko from league of legends artwork. Shout out to the original artist that did their True Damage picture! 

    I decided to make my own league of legends character but using Ekkos pose as inspiration because I just adored it so much! So meet Zimili the Wretched Repairman! 

    Zimili is an Noxian born female. She was an Noxian soldier, but left Noxian and became a mercenary! This lifestyle suited her better. She wander all over Runeterra offering her services to those who paid her earning her the name Repairman. Where ever she went she also happen to fix broken objects for those that were in need of repairs even free to those that couldn't afford to get them fixed. She was a woman of small stature, but she was quite powerful. Looks were quite deceiving with this woman. As she wander Runettera she finally found her place in Zaun where she felt more comfortable and it suited her. She was a renegade and loved helping those in need even though it filled her pockets with coin. Rather it was Piltover socialites that need her services or outlaws all the way from Demacia, everyone needs a Repairman. 

For those wondering Zimili would be a Bruiser/Top Lane. 

What am I wearing? 



Hair: NO.MATCH_NO_MISERY (cyberlox) [New][@ Cyber Fair {Coming Soon, March 1 - 23}][ Cyber Lox come in 4 colors, but are tintable] 

Head: Lelutka Evo X Siwa 3.1 

Skin: tres beau x lelutka evox - yasmin skin (2.6) no brows

Eyes: .euphoric ~Kyra Eyes 

Body: The Shops - Legacy  (1.5.1)


Cybernetic Augment: Hexed - Genos - Silver [New][@ Cyber Fair {Coming Soon March 1-23}][Comes in Left/Right][Colours Bronze/Cyan/Fuxia/Gold/Green/Purple/Red/Silver]

Lipstick: ~ Shiny Stuff ~ City Slickers 


Earrings: Normandy-Payload [Comes in Evo Elf/Human/Unrigged] 

Gloves: SEKA's Thumb Glove SHORT

Weapon: [KROVA] BIG-ASS Wrench 

Wires: Garmonbozia ::: Cyber knotty wires W light [New][@ Cyber Fair {Coming Soon March 1-23}][Comes in Variety 1,2,3 pack and Fatpack Bonus] 


Outfit: -RabbitHouse- Sand Planet Fatpack [New][@ Cyber Fair {Coming Soon March 1-23}]

Shoes: -RabbitHouse- Sand Planet Shoes Fatpack [New][@ Cyber Fair {Coming Soon March 1-23}]