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Big Boss of the South


What am I wearing? 



Hair: Raven Bell - Caspian Hair [Messy][New][@ Engine Room][Comes in: Regular, Hats & Hats Mirror, Messy v2 & Messy v2 Mirrors, Messy & Messy Mirror, Hair & Hair Mirror v2, Hair Messy & Hair Messy Mirror] 

Head: .[AK ADVX] Andro F Head

Skin: [Utopia] Lux / Brownie / No Brows / Evo X [New][@ Skin Fair][Comes in: Utopia Skins // Brisa, Cacau, Canela, Inverno, Lirio, Solar, Terra. Velour // Blush, Icy, Rose Kiss, Sunkiss, Brownie]

Eyes: .WARETA. Vanny Eyes - Blue [New][@ Skin Fair] 

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4


Brows: Boho agnes brows [New][@ Skin Fair] 

Eyelid: :Dernier: "Mono Eyelid" Eyes Lelutka Evo X (Brownie) 

Eye Essentials: Bloodline - Eye essentials [New][@ Skin Fair][It's a lot that comes in this too much to name] 

Lip Essentials: Bloodline - Lip Essentials [New][@ Skin Fair][It's a lot that comes in this too much to name] 

Nails: .Quirky. Natural Almond Nails  


Glasses: [ContraptioN] Pravokutan Spectacles 

Cigarette: [Apika] Baddie Cigarette 

Rings: RAWR! Nicole Rings 

Pocketwatch: DATSI Mesh - Clock Hand [Thanks Blu for this item!] 


Suit: JEYS-DOMENTOR2 - Zeorera [New][@ Engine Room] [Comes in Legacy & Jake][I'm in Reborn and I wore Legacy and it fits well with Reborn, just alpha out the correct spots, will have minor clipping due to AO] 


Backdrop: Pitaya - What We Left  Backdrop

Shelf: Eclectica- Eclectica- Twisted Reading Set-bookshelf

Container: Blue Blood - Cryo Plague - Wood 4 [New][@ Engine Room]

Suitcase: Random Matter - Everild Suitcase [New][@ Engine Room] 

Lamp 1: Eclectica- Steampunk Plasma Lamp-small table B brassy

Lamp 2: Eclectica- Steampunk Plasma Lamp-small wall B brassy

Books: [noctis] Gargoyle bookstack 

Newspaper: Apple Fall Crumpled Newspaper 

Pitcher: Eclectica Curiosities- Revival Dressing Room Jug 

Stand: Eclectica Curiosities- Revival Dressing Room Table