Gloop Glop

Kodeine Haze


    The story behind this is that this really wasn't how I wanted this photo to turn out. I wanted everything to be chaos because the gloop was to suppose to bounce and wreck havoc on the desk of the scientist and I just didn't nail it and this is how it turned out. My angle was completely off so all the potions and books were cut off and the urn was knocked over and stuff. But it came out looking pretty decent regardless. It was fun doing and I did a motion blur so it looked like I was bouncing 🤷🏾‍♀️like I said I didn't execute this how I wanted, next time when I do another avatar of this nature I know where I did wrong. 

What am I wearing? 



Avatar: LVL9 Blorb Avatar [New][@ Engine Room][Comes with Two huds, three shapes: Chonk, Slime, small. Tones of Mix and Match texture colours, Animation Hud, Eye control, Static Pose, Idle and so forth] 


FYI the Splash is NOT for sale and can't be found on SL so do not look 

Book and Paper are no longer for Sale 

Lamp: Eclectica- Steampunk Plasma Lamp [New][@ Engine Room] [Size: small table B brassy][Colours: Brassy & Black][Floor,Large table & Small, Large Wall & Small all A&B] 

Cauldron: Random Matter - Pepper-Up Potion - Cauldron 

Vase: Eclectica Curiosities- Eugenie Vase-emerald 

Tea: DISORDERLY. / Elegant Mess / Pouring Tea / Single / Gold