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Goddess Nymph of Trees

        Skin Fair #4 post, 6 more to go. Phew, so this is another inspiration portrait. So Bespoke has these unique looking skins in the blogger room and quite frankly I don't think anyone touched them. Seeing that they're fantasy I had to get them. Yall know how I am about my weird skins. The weirder the better, because it serves as a challenge and I like my challenges. Artist I took inspiration from is Dory Valart, The Nymph of Trees. Dory is a 3D modeler with an eye for concept art, and her portfolio is really nice, not to much on it, but from what I can tell they do have a good eye for creating unique characters and objects. 

    So when looking at Bespokes Skin, which are called Elemental Skins. As always I do happy accidents. I had no clue I was on the Earth Skin and like I told Blu I thought it was a tree bark skin and I was like I'm confused why do a tree bark skin? 🤔 But then again It's Bespoke so 🤷🏾‍♀️ I expect the unique and abnormal when it comes to that brand. So in my mind I went with TREE. WE'RE GOING TO BE A TREE. Let's go TREE. So clueless on how I was going to be a flippin' tree, last night out of spare of the moment I went and looked for inspiration and came across Dory's piece. I sent it to Sugah and said "Think I can do this? 🤔" Sugah said "Yes" IT WAS ON. Challenge accepted lmao. So I was like we're going to be a flippin' tree. 

    Atlas here is the product I came up with. NOT quite Dory's but it's my take on it. I think I did pretty well, thanks to Sugah and Zuzu for the help! 

What am I wearing? 



Hair: Sylvani Hair Twiggy ~AUTUMN~ [Comes with tattoo hair base, but it doesn't work on ANY head, so... ya] 

Head: .[AK ADVX] Holly Head [Akeruka Heads is having a sale going on 50% off till the 19th which is Sunday, it's a really great deal that's including NEW heads as well; Holly is a new head] 

Skin: BeSpoke - Fantasy Skin - Elemental Earth (F) [New][@ Skin Fair 2023][Comes in 2 different colours: Earth and Air F/M comes with Ears it's EVOX compatible] 


Lashes: Oceane - Paper Cut Mesh Lashes 


Horns: .::Cubic Cherry Kre-ations::. {Tangled~ rock} horns [Not even sure if they sell this item anymore] 

Neck Piece: [Forest Fantasy Store] - HERBALISM [New][@ Chronicles & Legends] This is part of an outfit, but it was perfect for what I wanted so I just wore the neck piece. How they do their customization is really smart and unique. This store is really nice and I wore 

Extra pieces are from Sweet Thing