Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Nubian Gold

    Many are familiar with BoatAom's skins I am as well, but it's been quite a while since I purchased a skin and wore one from them. So I was really looking forward to seeing what this brand would come up with for Skin Fair and I am really pleased. I was a bit confused since they revamped their skin line. So I was at a complete loss and confusion. So with the Eniola Bundle I can't even Gyazo because it's a LOT in this pack I have to but this in bullets.  Mind you this is what I got in the official Skin Fair Pack so I assume this is what you get when you purchase the bundle pack at their stall. 

  • Eniola Lelutka Brow Shape
  • Eniola Lelutka Shape 
  • Eniola Lelutka EvoX Bom Brows Tinable 
  • Eniola Lelutka EvoX BOM 'Crystal' 08-14 Brows w/o Brows 
  • Eniola Lelutka EvoX Bom 'Diamond' 08-14 Brows w/o Brows 
  • Eniola Lelutka EvoX BOM 'Gloss' 50%
  • Eniola Lelutka EvoX BOM 'Gloss' 100%
  • Roxana Lelutka Eyelashes Applier HUD 
  • Precious S - EvoX Ears Crystal 08-14 
  • Precious S - Evo X Ears Diamond 08-14 
  • Precious S - Evo X Ears - Gloss 
  • Style Card 
    As I said there is a lot that is in this bundle and it was a lot to gyazo. They also have 3 more skins called Bhagawati, Darya, Ha-rin. So like I said it took me a minute to figure out the Crystal and Diamond tones and everything of that nature but I understood It was NO GUIDE lol. I was like what's the difference are they suppose to shine or have studs on them or something! Regardless if anyone knows me I can't resist a dark tone. I find them pretty and it's hard to find designers that aren't afraid to NOT do them so this Skin Fair I will be focusing on the Fantasy aspect and trying to focus on Ethnic brands that are new and even popular. 

    So far with BoatAom, I am really impressed with their new tones and body and overall skins. In the future I can see myself supporting this brand. I would have to see how much their bodies are and add ons. So far with their body bundle that I received for Reborn they have it through 08-14, you get nipple covers, Gloss for Goddess, Guardian, Princess, Queen, Base Skin for all, hand reshade. I don't see anything in here for the juicy rolls, teacups, mounds or juicy push up thingies {I forgot what they are called} So maybe they have that in store or making them. I am not sure but it's worth to check it out. 

    Conclusion worth to check out BoatAom. 

What am I wearing? 



Hair: RAONHair // Rebel Hairstyle

Head: Lelutka Evo X River 3.1 {My favorite Lelu head} 

Skin: #Boataom :: Eniola LelutkaEvoX BOM 'Diamond 13' No Brows [New][@ Skin Fair 2023] 

Ears: ANDORE - * ears L.E.X * - [F\M] ELF [Lel Evo X] [Not New, but you can get them at the main store or at Skin Fair] 

Eyes: Yoshi - Markesia Eyes [New][@ Skin Fair 2023] 

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4


Eyebrows: ~ Nosferatum ~ Nitidus Eyebrows [New][@ Skin Fair 2023] 

Eyeshadow - ~ Nosferatum ~ Venenum [New][@ Skin Fair 2023] 


Piercing: NI.JU // Var1cose II Piercing . [New]

Collar: [Litten] Violet Choker 

Earrings 01: ANDORE - *acc+ears*  - Shary [L.E.X] [New][@ Skin Fair 2023] 

Earrings 02: RAON BEAUTY - Cross Earring 

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