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Underwater Loneliness A Fantasy Faire Tale


    She was alone in the world. One of a kind. She was cast out of her village when her mother died. It was such a frightful day for the lonely creature. Her mother always told her there were others like her in a place far from here that would accept her for her beauty that others didn't see. She never got to play with other sea creatures, due to her abnormal defect of having extra arms; expect for those that were of dark nature. They were the kindness to her all because they also knew the loneliness of the sea. 

    Finding a new nest along the edge of the rocky coastal shores that was dense with seaweed and grass. It was full of fish that was easy to catch. Her best friend that was by her side from such a young age rested beside her. Deep in thought she always was curious about this far away land that her mother promised her. She felt like her friend Octopus. She had extra arms just as them and she hated them. They were folded around her body reacting as a protective barrier. 

    Above she heard the humans argue over something and suddenly she heard a loud splash near her. Glancing up she was unbothered by the noise because all humans did was pollute her nearby area with garbage and steal her food supply. She lowered her head and glanced over at Octopus and nodded her head for them to find the object that was casted into the water. It's tentacles wrapped around the mysterious object as it sunk to the rocky bottom. It was glowing and it sparkled. It was mystifying, bewitching. 

    Enchanted by the objected she reached out for it. She heard loud voiced, mustic, laughter and saw other creatures of different sizes, shapes, colours and oddities. She felt like this was the far away land her mother was talking about. Bewitched by such sights she gathered her courage and Octopus her only friend and went into the portal to the other world known as Fantasy Faire. 

    Fantasy Faire is celebrating its fifteenth year on the grid. It's one of the largest gathering for fantasy roleplayers, designers, enthusiasts and performers. From April 20th, 2023 - May 7th, 2023 you'll be able to shop, participate and dancing and enjoy some theater performances, patriciate in auctions, attend DJ parties, enjoy fantasy art, gather around for roleplay, and even enjoy the questing adventures! This is what brings thousands of Second Life residents along creators to the Faire Grounds to support the American Cancer Society. 

    For more information please visit Fantasy Faire website! 

    Fantasy Faire opens: April 20, 2023 - May 7, 2023 Fantasy Faire ends. 

    Fantasy Faire website