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How seeds are made


        A woman is sitting on her daughter's bed at night with a book of fables in her lap. Her daughter was getting comfortable in bed. She pulled the covers up to her chin and stared up at her mother. Her mother looked down at her round face with a smile. The mother opened up the book to a random page and came across the picture of the beautiful sunflower couple. She remember when she was young she read this story with her own mother and then she begun to read this story to her own daughter. 

    Long ago in a far away valley there was beautiful field of sunflowers. Their lived a couple among the rows of them. They were quite friendly to each other, but we're skittish when it came to the town folk. The town folk couldn't help but admire the beautiful landscape of the sunflowers. This is what bought travelers to their little town. 

    It was very rare to catch a glimpse of the couple because they were one of the sunflowers. Legend says that they were seedlings that wished they were humanoid to help protect the sunflowers from being picked and destroyed by humans. One day a mage was passing by and heard their pleas and felt their hurt and blessed the seedlings with their wish. They grew into humanoid sunflowers but only thing is that they couldn't speak to humans but only to themselves. They had the mind of humans and knowledge but were afraid of them. Their only job was to create more seedlings, love each other and protect the sunflowers.    

    All creatures and humans were drawn to the majestic valley and the sunflowers. They were always tempted to pick them. If they dare pick them out of nowhere they would feel the wrath of nature and the humanoid creatures. Thick vines would catch them before they could disappear and bring them back to retrieve what which was stolen. When it was time for a patch of sunflowers to wither away, it was time to create more seedlings. Their passion ignited the fertile soil, their hearts and love. So whenever you see a sunflower just be weary before you pick it, know that someone is always watching.

What am I wearing? 



Hair: . Doe . Floret .

Head: .[AK ADVX] Luisa Head

Skin: Beaumore 'Safora' BROWLESS for Lelutka Evo X (Mali)

          [FFS] Sunflower Skin [EVOX][New][@ Fantasy Faire, Fungalimire]

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4


Outfit: [Forest Fantasy Store] - Sunflower Hat, Staff, Pelvis cover (M&F), Pasties (Female), Pieces for Arms & Legs. Skin for Evo x and SLUV ears Evox. [Tested on Several bodies males & female][New][@ Fantasy Faire, Fungalimire]


Sunflowers 1: JIAN Sunflowers 

Sunflowers 2: Little Branch_Sunflowers{Field}

Sunflowers 3: Botanical - 5m x 5m  Sunflower Patch Prefab 

Pose: K&S - // Our sunset // Bento pose {Tweaked}