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Imagination Flow

Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were. But without it we go nowhere. -- Carl Sagan

 What am I wearing? 



Hair: [Ginko Hair] #106 Hair [New][@ Engine Room

Head: .[AK ADVX] Andro F Head

Skin: IVES - Lulu Skin (EvoX) - VE PRALINE

Eyes: Gloom {forgot which pack it was, SORRY} 

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4


Eyebrows: Nuve. Jackie Eyebrows white - Evo X


Freckles: Ladybird. // Paige Freckles - 2

Freckles 2: Jack Spoon.Eryn Freckles (7_50%) EvoX

Nails: .Quirky. Natural Almond Nails


Goggles: ::GB::Steampunk Goggles

Rings: Vibing -- emilia rings -- silver 


Outfit: ASH. Oscar Outfit [New][@ Engine Room][Comes in: CZ Slim, Gianni, Jake, Kario and Legacy][They all fit Reborn really well CZ Slim was extremely small, Kario was medium size built. Jake and Legacy was bulky esp Legacy. I swapped between Gianni and Jake and Gianni was the less bulky between the two for my taste.

Shoes: [The DeadBoy] The Killoafers  


Pose: Ckey - Cadu 

Scolls: DISORDERLY. / The Great Library / Bookshelf / Extra / Scrolls 2 

Magical Dust: Emotional Circus - Magical Dust 

Books: DISORDERLY. / The Great Library / Scroll Shelf / Extra / Books 

Candle: !R!&:P:- Orryn Candle [Dish-No-Anim] [PETR] 

Fireflies: Quills & Curiosities - Tinkertoy Fireflies (Silent) [New][@ Engine Room

Scenery: Dirty Rat - Library