Majestic Kreature

Kodeine Haze


    In a distant far away plane there lived a species of beings that lives in trees and are lets just say rather unique. They were divine in nature and rather skittish. In tune with nature often camouflage with their environment and some can be rather devious. These creatures are rather great climbers and really fast in trees, but slow on land. Their wings are quite powerful and help their maneuver through the treetops. Quiet marvelous creatures they were and I was quiet blessed so see them with my own eyes. If you stumble upon these majestic creatures be sure to approach with caution and count your blessing because they are a sight to see. 

What am I wearing? 



Hair: Wasabi // Mathilda HW Ed. Hair

Head: .[AK ADVX] Andro F Head 

Skin: Moth&Moon - LeLutka Evo - AZURE - Aria [New][@ Fantasy Faire; Frostweald]

Eyes: Gloom - Lunatic Collection 

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4


Eyebrows: Opulein . Eyebrows Set #0001 . LEL EVO X / AK ADVX BOM . 10 

Eyeshadow: Opulein . Eyeshadow Set #0019 . BOM (evox maps) 

Lipstick: Opulein . Lipstick Set #0011 . BOM (evox maps) 



Antenna: [CC] Fae Antenna,  Tiny

Feathers: + Forest Nymph + {Aii & Ego} [New][@ Fantasy Faire; Szystrum Synod]

Wings: _-FAS-_ LUNAR MOTH : Wings [@ Fantasy Faire; Spirits Crossing]

Tail: .:Cerberus:. Lavish Imp Tail  [New][@ Fantasy Faire; Szystrum Synod]


Pose made by me. 

Trees: Fundati Fantasy Tree

Butterflies: Persefona Butterflies