Thursday, May 11, 2023



    So I always wanted to do this type of image. and I think I nailed it. I am so proud of this. I had got feedback from Blu about this. My first attempt was terrible and something didn't sit right with me and I told Blu I was going inworld to retake it and she said NOOO. I was like nope, done deal. I changed everything. From angle, reposition, clothing, colours; EVERYTHING. When I tell you the feedback from the first critique was amazing and eye opening was wonderful and I thank her for that. I am extremely proud of how THIS one turned out it was better. So I am glad I trusted my gut on redoing the entire thing. 

    So this was a quick image. I do have a few mistakes here and there, but nonetheless I am still proud of it. So I will break down what is all involved in it. I have some Cyber/Punk and Abnormality mixed in. I will be doing a Gif of me down below to show off the details. If anyone curious Anxious Angel is the one that did my custom Fursona of my bunny. She is a custom content creator and is constantly open for business. I'll have all her urls below as well. 

    So my general idea behind this theme was that I wanted to become a superhero. I actually did the pose myself. I really wanted to use a Poseidon pose, but his pose just didn't quite suit me. I wanted to be an anti-hero, but I looked to jolly to be one. So this is me as a vision of a superhero. Yall, I really love how this turned out. Like so serious! Even if it doesn't do great with views and faves on Flickr. I just enjoy this piece of work I did. 

What am I wearing? 



Hair: KMH - Hair CP020 Fatpack [New][@ Cyber Punk

Head: +SugarCult+ - Fairy Dragon [New][@ Abnormality Event

Skin: {Anxious Angel} - Megalobabe - Rust [New][@ Abnormality Event

Eyes: Gloom. - Empty Collection - L.Yellow

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4


Feet: ///ANIMA\\\ - Travelers Nomads 

Tail: Marz - Love Bite Tail [I added animations from a tail I own and a tail deformer to make it longer. It is a bento tail] 

Fin: Marz - Punky Fin 

Ears: Marz - Shork Ears [They come with gauges and gauges with water in them. I thought that was cute.] 


Visor: :::SOLE::: SA - Visor GLATT (White)

Arms: Eliavah ~ Manticore Mecha Arms


Jacket: Nae-Ga - Bitna Coat [New][@ Cyber Punk

Top: Nae-Ga - Hana Top [New][@ Cyber Punk

Bottoms: Nae-Ga - Hyun Pants [New][@ Cyber Punk


Background: Synnergy//Skyline [360 ] Backdrop 

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