Mermaid Cove

Kodeine Haze


    Yes, it's MerMay, and I will be doing all sorts of mermaid themed photos. Lawd, help me. I am sort of running out of ideas on what I should do. I think I did two for Fantasy Faire. I think I'll do a cyber punk look for a mermaid. I'll try a siren look. I did a collaboration with Blu! Lol, I am mermaid out at this point. I do not want to be a mermaid for a couple of months! Majority of my items are from Conch Island! Which is a Visual and Music arts festival! It is Mermaid theme, because it's Mermay. Ha, Please laugh, because I laughed.    

    Anyways, the rest of my items are from different events such as The Warehouse Sale and items I bought over the weekend Sale and from my amazing never ending inventory. I suggest you go check out Conch Island and Warehouse before it's over. You have a week left for Warehouse. That's it for me. Before and After below! 

What am I wearing? 



Hair: [Yomi] Kazemi Hair 

Head: .[AK ADVX] Luisa Head

Skin: [Heaux] Drexia - Browless - 11 Citrine  *BA [New][@ The Warehouse Sale][Comes in: 08-13. Some packs do not have 13. So please try the demos.] 

         #BoatAom: Precious S x Reborn - Goddess skin - Citrine 11

Eyes: [REVERIE] - Venus Eyes [New][@ Conch Island]

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.4


Makeup: [REVERIE] Venus Make-up Set [New][@ Conch Island]

Scales: :: ANTAYA :: Body scales [New][@ Conch Island][Shown in Cyan][Comes in a variety of colours] [Due note that the materials is only for Legacy & Matriya. You can see wear the scales because it's BOM, but you can not wear the materials unless you own said bodies mentioned above] 

Shine: ALT3 - Nebula FX Shine [New][@ The Warehouse Sale


Piercing: OATMILK // Astor Nose Cuff  

Jewelry: sacrilege . lorelai jewelry set [New][@ Conch Island]

The starfish are no longer available sorry! I will not mention them ^^ Please understand. 


Bathing Suit: [TNK] NATSU SWIMSUIT - BLUEFIRE [New][@ The Warehouse Sale] [Comes in: Reborn and Legacy] 


Octopus: {Sakura} - Davie Plushie [New][@ The Warehouse Sale

Lilies: +Half-Deer+ - Water Lilies & Lilypads [New][@ The Fifty