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    So I am trying to slowly come back from my abrupt hiatus! It's not unusual I get sick each summer, but this summer I got extremely sick to where I was submitted to the ER. Even during the ER I was constantly thinking and stressing about my events and upholding my obligations with Secondlife that's how much my designers and events mean a lot to me. 

    It took me a lot to get where I got and I am proud of where I got and love my events. It hurt me that I couldn't participate nor uphold my end of the bargain. So I am doing that even after the end is over, but I am having a hard time remembering the items. 😂  So slowly surely I AM going to get these items out!! First is this these from Hotdog who I constantly got confused with Deadboy! I kept asking everyone didn't Deadboy make teeth for last round of Warehouse and everyone was looking at me crazy turned out it was Hotdog! Sorry 😭 Weird teeth go a long way they can make a character! 

    I admit I am severely rusty! I do not have the same thought process not mentally to be creative.

    NOW I get asked this all the time from my managers and friends. Am I cured? HELL NO. I have Good days where my illness isn't as worse and the next day it makes me bedridden. Before that I am already sick so on top of this it's like what else can my body go through 🤷🏾‍♀️. 

    I appreciate my managers very much so for being so understanding about my situation and trust me, I wish this not on anyone nor myself! So it'll be awhile before I get back to where I was creativity wise and flow. 

    - Kodeine 

What am I wearing? 



Hair: CAMO - Alva Dreads 

Head: .[AK ADVX] Pride F Head [Also known as Jules Head] 

Skin: Mansa - Nubia Skin - Moonlight [Cute store I found on Weekend Sales last weekend] 

Eyes: GLOOM [I have so many eyes by Gloom they just by GLOOM] 

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.5


Nails: {Sakura} Just The Tips Nails  

Eyeshadow: Jack Spoon. Corine Star Eyeshadow [4] EvoX [New][@ The Fifty] 

Teeth: Hotdog - Big gap teeth . Top row unrigged . Medium

Lipstick: Gloom. - Titania Lipstick - D.Natural 

Freckles: Jack Spoon.Eryn Freckles (4) EvoX

               Jack Spoon.Eryn Freckles (9) EvoX

Eyebrows: A R T E - Kawaii Eyebrows [LeLutka Evo X BOM] 

Tattoo: Lilithe'// Perchta Tattoos - Fresh [V2 CHIN]

            Lilithe'// Perchta Tattoos - Faded [ALT V2 CHIN]



Camera:  lock&tuft / disposable camera

Wrist: MICHAN - Willow Armlets - Titanium 

Septum: MIAU - Septum [Spikes] 

Nosechain: [VERBOTEN] Aihaaxus Nosechain  

Choker: [VERBOTEN] Taylor Choker

Ear cuff: PROMAGIC Spikey Earrings-Lel Evo X [These don't fit 100% but damn near just a little bit don't bit at the bottom, but I didn't mind, i still thought it looked okay.] 


Top: - Gorsimi - Juice Top (eBODY REBORN - Juicy Boobs)