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Half way out


        So my hiatus from photography is slowing down and not over. I am taking on just few events and not doing a lot. I am still sick and only logging into Second Life to do my management positions and to attend to my photography requirements for my events and few stores I do have. I was extremely happy that I was approved for SLS event as a duo team for the first time. So Travis is a huge help with inspiration this round. Rather I am in the photo or not so I don't have to gender bend some of the male outfits. 
    Some of the male outfits are definitely pretty tough this time around not even going to lie so glad Travis is here to help. So It took me awhile to come up with this concept. Travis was a bit iffy with it, but I was like I think it'll be okay. I was going to do a solo shot, but Travis was like if you're having difficulties with a solo shot lets' do a duo. So we went to the room together and we stood there and I was like DING, light bulb went off and I was like Travis grab this and this and this, lets go. 

    Thus I came up with this concept and Travis was like interesting and lets go. But here is something a friend said when I gave them a sneak peek because they're not familiar with my work and I wanted them to guess what was going on. 
Askel — Today at 11:00 AM
Or they're playing with non-toxic fingerpaints LOL

    I never laughed so hard lmao His interpretation of my scene was brilliant. 


What am I wearing? 



Hair: CAMO - Oshun Dreads [New][@ Midnight Order, Coming July 20th] 

Head: CRYPTID : The Agma  [New][@ Midnight Order, Coming July 20th] 

Skin: IVES - Xaron Skin (EvoX) - VE EBONY - No Brows

Eyes: Gloom. - Final Form Collection - Rineggan - Blue S

Ears: + Fantasy Bento b.o.m. Ears (Dragon) EvoX + {Aii}

Body: Reborn 


Eyebrows: Core&Gore :: Haydo eyebrows style 3

Eyeshadow: VELOUR: Evolucion - Eyeshadow #03 [New][@ The Fifty] 

Chest drool: -ROUXS- cum/drool/milk

Teeth Drool: CRYPTID : Les Ficelles Macabres [New][@ Midnight Order, Coming July 20th] 

Goo: NI.JU // Drippy Goo Layers . transluscent fade 


Piercings: CRYPTID : Agma Piercings [New][@ Midnight Order, Coming July 20th] 

Collar: [CerberusXing] 16 - Yule Lord Collar (Silver)

Cuffs: [CerberusXing] 18 - Yule Lord Cuff (Silver)


Head: LVL9 - Lich Skull [New][@ Midnight Order, Coming July 20th] 

Body: Belleza Jake 

Skin base: Velour Winter 

Chains: [+Oblivis+] The Traitor's Chains - Gold 

Goo: NI.JU // Drippy Goo Layers . transluscent fade