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Welcome in cowboy and broads


        Hello my dear audience! I know it's been awhile since I've actually communicated with you all, but I am to inform you that I am doing a bit better with my health and mental. Sorta! Ha, This summer was a bust for me because as I said months ago I been extremely sick. I recently had surgery and I am doing much better; I believe so!  

    It's that time again this month coming up, Abnormality Event Tumbleweed starts on August 7th at 3pm slt! This round of Abnormality Tumbleweed is absoultely HUGE! So many great designers across the grid that will be participating: Anxious Angel, Danger, Normandy, Cubic Cherry, Vae Vicitis, ::Static::, Killjoy, Sugarcult, Web Dew and more. Now we can't forget about their other designers: Antaya, Achroma, Evil Baby, Not a Peep, Teeth, Flaks, Madame Noir and waaaaaaaay more! 

What am I wearing? 



Hair: Faenzo. ONE Hairstyle 

Head: .[AK ADVX] Egla Head

Skin: .:Soul:. [G4] {F} Face: Cyleene [M5] ADVX [New][@ Abnormality Event, opens August 7th] 

Eyes: [Teeth] // Reptilian Eyes : Iris : Slit Pupil : Seafoam w/ black sclera [New][@ Abnormality Event, opens August 7th] 

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.6

Chest Mod: [SBxKOTTR] Teacups eBody Chest Mod V1.2 



Tattoo: [AERTH] Syngergy Cybernetics [New][@ Mainframe


Hat: Hat: . :  Mea Tenebra  : .  Neon Cowboys  

Bracelets: Astara - EmoTech Cuff 

Rings: RAWR! Affliction Rings 

Piercing: [Bana] - CBR - Thick - M [New][@ Abnormality Event, opens August 7th] 


Outfit: Normandy - Almos [New][@ Mainframe][Comes in: Legacy, Maitreya, Mounds, Perky, Reborn and Teacups] 

Jacket: [Angel Craft] Luna Top [New][@ Mainframe] [Comes in: Reborn, Legacy, Perky, and Maitreya] 


Bar: NOMAD // Sci-fi Saloon Bar

Chairs: NOMAD // Metal Bar Stool // Green // PG

Animals: Foxwood - Little Moo - violet 

Cactus: crate Ceramic Cactus Set [New][@ The Fifty

Vending Machine 01: [VOZ] Universe Drink Vending Machine - Blue (Static)

Vending Machine 02: [VOZ] UFO Sushi Vending Machine - Blue (Static)