Kodeine Haze


    So I am going to start off by talking about Genus Project "updated" heads. Now for those who were following and are everyone knew I was die hard Genus because the heads at the time suited me and I was also bias towards the other heads on the market. 

    Now that I've branched out over the years, I can firmly say Genus is very dated and still full of bugs. This is my opinion and no one elses. This is the second piece of work I've done with the Genus heads and I can say its very just..dated. 

    The Hud is not user friendly and majority of the options do not work. Even in a scene like this my other heads shine would be all over the place, but Genus shines aren't up to par. The one big issue that still hasn't been fixed were the movement and placement of the rigged eyes that come with Genus. Even Lelutka and Akeruka Heads have this function {even though Akeruka's funtion is a bit wonky, bit it still works}.  

    I also forgot that the Genus Head has a "Rhianna" issue with the big forehead. This was NOT the hair I wanted to wear at the time. I had to quickly go out and buy a hair suitable to fit and cover that huge forehead.  When you go to hide the alphas, nothing hides. It took me a few minutes to figure out where the ears were to turn them off so I can wear my Adnore Ears.  

    Now I know you're thinking at this point is there anything positive about the head? Honestly, no. I do not find myself excited over the return of these heads. I think its a bit jacked up that nothing is EVOX compatiable, but what do I know? I think it was a mistake to NOT make Genus Project EVOX compatiable. I will state that I won't be repurchasing all these heads at 4K. I found suitable heads from Akeruka and Lelutka to feel similiar to a Genus Head. 

    Anyways, that is my thought on this even though its half thought out, but its my opinion on the head. I know from several of my peers that they're not impressed with the return. If anything I'll grab the Strong Head gift and call it a day. 


What am I wearing? 



Hair: Stealthic - Dice

Head: GENUS Project - Head - Strong W003 - v2.0

Ears: :ANDORE: - ears - HUMAN (f) [L.E.X] 

Skin: ALT3 > Liv [GENUS SLUV] > *VEL* Amber [NO BROW] [New][@ The Fifty

Eyes: CINO - Caramel Eyes - Sugar 

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.6


Nails: .Quirky. Hye's Glitter Gradient [Almond.Nails] 

Tattoo: Lilithe'// Catrina Tattoos


Choker: #comatosed- No se ve Choker  

Piercing: -Suidical Unborn!- Nose Piercings Set 03 [New][Group Gift] 

Hand Decor: mintae. My Flip Phone + Shades and Water [New][@ FLF Birthday Bash

Anklet: [ bubble ] Simple Beaded  Anklet 

Armlet: [BelzeBubble] Belzebubble - Arm Rings 

Fishnet: She Said Destory. Sleeves Black N/B V2

Earrings: :ANDORE: - :ear-acc: - [F] - Yanny (Classic) [L.E.X] 

Garters: ~Lavu - Cremilda garters. [New][@ FLF Birthday Bash][Comes in: Legacy & Reborn Maze] 


Top: Blossom // Jade Top [New][@ The Fifty Event][Comes in: Legacy/Maitreya/Reborn] 

Shorts: Mug - Addison Shorts - Medium [New][@ FLF Birthday Bash][Comes in: Reborn/Legacy/Kupra/Maitreya {Bulge optional}] 


Towel: BLACK NEST / Hirvea Towel (PG) [New][@ FLF Birthday Bash

Table: BALACLAVA!! Fiona Coffee Table (Black)

Clutter: Violetility - Digital Doll Clutter [New][@ FLF Birthday Bash

Mirror: [Fetch] Ameri Mirror 

Closet: Black . Sand Elle's Closet I -DARK- 

Closet 2: Black . Sand Female Thin Closet -Dark Wood- 

Camera: Havoc . Cosmetic Glow Mirror . Bedroom