Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Spookie Love


    So the story behind this piece of artwork, I was doing a play on a crazy ass couple that are complete oppostites of each other. Travis of course wanted to join in since it's Engine Room and we sign up as a duo {Thank you Akira} so we're just having fun with some craziness! Of course I am doing dark style fair so it was just fun doing some crazy silliness. 

What am I wearing? 



Hair: CAMO - Ambrose F-Locs [New][@ Engine Room

Head: Lelutka Evo X BRIANNON 3.1 

Eyes: Mana. // Idyllic Eyes - BOM - 5 [New][@ Engine Room

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.6

           REBORN - Waifus - Addon v1.0


Tattoo: Lilithe' - Quinzel Tattoos [New][@ The Darkstyle Fair][Opening October 5th] 

Nails: L'Emporio&PL - Chiromante Nails [New][@ The Darkstyle Fair][Opening October 5th] 

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Gauged XL Ears  

Lipstick: Venus Flytrap - Tenebrous Lipsticks [New][@ The Darkstyle Fair][Opening October 5th]


Extra eyes: [Angel Craft] - Profound Eyes [New][@ The Darkstyle Fair][Opening October 5th] 

Plugs: Mea Tenebra . Alchemy - Swa Gau XL 

Drool: BLUSH - Drool With Stars And Piercing 

            Arise - Drool 

Knife: :Zombie.Suicide: Butchers Knife - Prop & Materials


Top: - Gorsimi - BB Tank (WAIFU) [New][@ The Fifty][Comes with Undies, not shown][Comes in Reborn/Rolls/Juicy Boobs/Waifu] 

Fishnets: ALT3 > Fishnet Arms > White 1 [Tinted]

Panties: Danger!  Love Me! Pantie [New][Mystical Market][Comes in Legacy and Reborn] 


 Neons: Amalgam - Helios Rope Lights [New][@ The Fifty

What Travis is wearing? 



Hair: Modulus - Luca 

Head: Bespoke - Humanoid Ryker [New][@ Engine Room

Skin: Gloom - Jake Skin - Peach 

Eyes:  Hellbourne - Ether Eyes [New][@ Engine Room

Body: Belleza Jake 

Ears: ^^Swallow^^ Gauged XL Ears 


Rings: Kunst - Men's Ring Collection III

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