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2much molly

     Im not going to lie. I WORE the wrong type of skin with this type of cosmetic. I wasn't paying attention at all till I was taking photos and even when I was doing the close up I realized it was too late. So I would suggest either wear cosmetics shine toner or a skin with less shine. Because Jack Spoon is one of the favorite brands that I love that cater to Ethnic tones and do them extremely well. Once I find a store that does this I become a faithful customer and I been a fan of Steffy before she became Jack Spoon when she was a photographer.    

       Just to be able to support her as a customer and as her blogger really means a great deal to me! I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't do skin brands nor cosmetic brands anymore because it gets quite boring doing portraits all the times, but Jack Spoon does other products than cosmetics {Praise you Steffy} 

    Anyways, Jack Spoon is a brand that as a LOT of fun cosmetics and you get a LOT for the price. I'll spend that 300L for like a 12 pack of eyeshadows compared to like 6. She gives detail notecards with particular styles and also helpful tidbits. As a person that isn't into makeup in real life, I have to google quite a bit on what the heck some of these terms are and what certain products ARE used for intead of me just slapping it up there and plus since I'm a person of color sometimes certain makeups doesn't look great on my tone verus pale {Even though I give no foks, I still manage to make it work} so with the cosmetics above I managed a slight booboo, but I did do a close up down below on HOW their suppose to look like 

    Cut me some slack im human I can make a mistake :) Just next time I know when I wear this I need to do it on a skin that isn't so highlighted and Im passing this knowledge along :) 

What am I wearing? 



Hair: CAMO - Tanya Locs [New][@ Dubai Event

Baby Hair: CAMO - Baby Hair Essentials - B02 EVOX 

Head: .[AK ADVX] Luisa Head

Ears: +Que Cera+ Flopped Gauged Goblin Ears [New][@ Mystical Market] 

Skin: Nuve. Ivy skin browless (Lelutka Evo X) - Brownie

Eyes: [FLOCK] - Raster Eyes - Fatpack - Black Sclera, + Pupil [Evo X applier and Textures][B&W Sclera, +-] [New][@ Mainframe

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.6


Eyebrows: Skool - Sylas Eyebrows 

Eyeshadow: Jack Spoon: Dystopia Dazzle Eyeshadow [9][addon3] [@ ʚ The Kawaii Project ɞ]

Glitter: Jack Spoon. Subversive Spark Highlighter [nose4] EvoX

Jack Spoon. Subversive Spark Highlighter [nose3_50%] EvoX

Jack Spoon. Subversive Spark Highlighter [hl6] EvoX 

Jack Spoon. Subversive Spark Highlighter [hl5_50%] EvoX  [@ ʚ The Kawaii Project ɞ]

Lipstick: [7] Opulein . Lipstick Set #0011 

Neck Tattoo: Achroma - Wire Neck - SILVER [New][@ Mainframe][Colors: Blue,Dark,Gold,Green,Orange,Pink,Purple,Red,Silver,Sky,White][No Akeruka materials] 

Cybernentic Face: Effervesence - Mushi Implants - Silver [New][@ Mainframe][This brand HAS Akeruka Materials BLESS] 

Cybernenetic Chest: 1. +ABYSSAL+ ENYA CYBERTECH ONLY BODY: 100 [New][@ Mainframe] [Materials only for Catwa & Evo x, No Akeruka {sorry, kinda lame inho}][Shine for Lara X, Legacy, Kupra, Khara, Kario, Gen X , No Reborn {sorry, kinda lame as well}] [But you can wear the BOM layers and just wear your favorite cybernentic shines you want to make your own style.] 


3d Eyes: [FLOCK] - Defrag Eyes - 3fold Holo - Right [New][@ Mainframe

Earrings: Normandy-Payload 

Septum: -SU!- Tormey Septum  

Nails: L x Q // Natural Nails - Holo (Reborn)

Rings: Pure Poison - Elia Rings