The Sound of Space

Kodeine Haze


"This is something designed for your senses and nothing else. 

Performance is happening exactly where you are. 

This is the sound of space" 

What am I wearing? 



Hair: Tableau Vivant \\ Editorial \ Eastern wind - Redheads [Past Gacha][No longer available][Try marketplace] 

Body: REBORN by eBODY v1.69.6


Goggles: inZoxi - Orbitac - Orbital Strike [New][PBR, Non PBR, Fully Functional as an RP accessory, also you can just use as an accessory for non RP] 

Collar: SEKA's NeoGlitch Collar

Headpiece: TOMASU / My Idol Microphone (Big Ver.)

Gaters: xx - wired garter / reborn [maze] 

Wings: Teriyaki - Zephry Wings [New][Static & Animation][@ Cyber Fair] 


Top: >Kiu< - Gelica Set - Gelica Set - Jacket [New][Comes in Legacy & Reborn only][@ Cyber Fair] 

Shorts: >Kiu< - Gelica Set - Gelica Set - Shorts [New][Comes in Legacy & Reborn only][@ Cyber Fair] 


Paparazzi K-POP Stage BACKDROP - blue

solares >> Hover Speaker [Green]

kotte - cloudy.

[TFR Animesh] 8bit [New][Item is Animesh, meant to be worn, if rezzed please make sure you have a decent amount of prims. also remember Animesh can not be resized][@ Cyber Fair, Last day] 

tarte. pastel confetti 

Dahlia - Celebrate - Confetti 

CHI - Sci-fi Billboard (Lines)

Secret Poses - Leda [New][@ Cyber Fair]