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      So I was inspired by an artist; Ibrahem Swaid. I was looking for inspiration to do because I don't do mermaids. So I guess his alias on the website is Noobovich . His art is really neat. He's done comic covers, card games, overwatch, and portraits. He has a huge selection of card game images.       But I really fell in love with his Cyber Mermaid series he did. It's only six images, but each has their own different story told. Even though in his art the tails are mechanic, we don't have those in second life so I just decided to do a very vibrant tail skin and just make my upper body very cyberpunk look.      This is my take on his Cyber Mermaid series! His series has everything I love fantasy and cyberpunk what more can ya ask for right? So I asked on my flickr and instagram if anyone want me to continue my series. I may not to 6 images because it's only so many I can do. So the question is   Do you want me to continue this Cyber Mermaid series?? -Kodeine


      I am extremely late with a ton of my event pre-post but if you hadn't noticed Cozy Fest is alive and brought to you by Fifty Linden Friday! I love that Barb does these events because you get quite a good deal on 50L items and they're great quality. So I picture a huge weekend sale, but event wise.      Also it gives me the opportunity to try designers clothes or items that I normally wouldn't for the low. I'm also featuring two different Powder Packs in this photo, because well as I said before I really wasn't a fan of the previous one so I took the other two that I didn't blog yet and did a mash up. So I'm not going to do a full skin and makeup review because since this been out for quite some time I am just going to do a before and half shot.  Well I'll see yall in a little bit because I have to blog something else at last minute >.>  So I am going to tale another nap and then blog. I know I suck at time management.  -Kodeine

Here comes the hotstepper

      So out of the entire December Powder Pack I have to admit this pack was very very lack luster. I am not a fan of Utopia skins because for some reason her dark tones just look weird. I know yall are saying well why don't you wear a light tone? Because I love wearing darker tones, because to me they're not represented enough on the grid. I can look on my Flickr right now and scroll and see pale-tan based tones. None that go past like a caramel type to an extreme dark.      I want to say this is my second time blogging Public Figure? I have to say I particularly do not like their skins. I am not sure it's because I'm not use to them and just hadn't found a particular face I like from them, but every skin that they put in for Powder Pack I am not a fan. All skin creators are different; agree. But I just don't like how they do their face. Something about it throws me off. Just being honest!       So it was really hard to actually get a great character in mind f

Space Break

      So I couldn't figure out a name for this so I did a lame title. I had an idea of me on the mecha, which it's true. The pose I am using is from Fashiowl called Meka and I am on top of the droid. So I guess this would be a great title. Anyways I am tired so here are some quick stats and a quick post!  -Kodeine 

Wanna play?

     It's the new year and I am going back to doing my reviews once again. I am feeling more positive at this moment then I had in such a long time. I guess I am trying to stick to my resolutions and that is what's driving me.       So for those that do not know. Powder Pack December which is a Christmas edition is currently out. It was made available last month on the 17th. I said I was going to do a video of me opening it, but I go back to work this week so I won't have time to do a video sorry! Next time I'll do one. Just a quick run through because I honestly want to get more into a habit of being not just a typist review but a vocal one.      I of course can not read, but I grabbed the Reservation gift from December. Honestly I didn't want to grab it, but I thought it was the actual Pack. Reason why I didn't want to grab it because frankly it's not the tones I wear. I prefer my dark tones to the tones than those that are always around.      Let's j