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Note this is not taken for any of the sims, this is more of a free style character design featuring some of the Fantasy Faire items! No story this time ladies and gents, but let's just say this creature is one of a kind! 


    Life was alive. The Mother Tree gave birth to everything around it. From the water, planets, creatures and even the beings that lived among the environment. We're all born from Mother Tree. She is our protector, family and religion. We, Phirvuean live under the deep thick roots of Mother Tree, it's dark and murky expect for the limerences of the aquatic creatures that survive down here. Fantails can survive either in the air or under water. We survive on the the diet of kelp, fantails, and bark of Mother Tree. Our male counterpart are usually more honorable than their female counter parts and their colours are duller. The females however, are usually more dependable. Our skin is smooth and thin, our colours vary from light purple to dark orange, which tend to become dull as we age. Our male counterparts are highly more emotional than their female counterpart and the females however, are more independent. 

    Nothing is what it appears when it comes to Sylvuselah. Sylvusian Fantail tend to be able to fly in the air and live under the roots of Mother Tree. The plants here are pulsating with toxins. Everything here at Sylvuselah is alive. Mother Tree provides for all, even to the smallest organisms.  As we observe our surroundings we notice a very vibrant Phirvuean experiencing her favorite thing to do in Sylvuselash. Not only is the planet advance in technology but each Phirvuean has a job they perform and this young one is scanning each Fantail to check its vitals and enjoying it. 

    The days are short on the planet, but the nights are long and filled with such amazing colours and beautiful scenery that once will be hypnotized just venturing to the planet. So tread lightly when coming to this planet everything here is alive and if you must kill make it count and say a prayer because Mother Tree knows all. It's a sensitive planet, but the ecosystem is a valued one. 





    So I know I hadn't been posting much nor have I spoken about anything in forever! I feel like I should start talking again to my audience! Without yall I wouldn't be here! So I got the inspiration from of course someone art station. I honestly don't remember who the artist was because I didn't save the url. So to the artist that inspired me to finally get out my rut thank you! Also another great person that brought me out of my rut is a newly inquired motherly figure, Blu! I know this is not what I'd normally do, but I wanted to practice somethings and so forth. 

    I am not very great with water, but with the help of Blu I figured out how to make my water look better! Overall I really love how this photo came out and it was really fun to do! This was such a great photo I've done in such a long time even though it took me like a week to do! 

Synful Ghost // Kodeine Haze // Knovokainee Haze
Photographer and Blogger of Second Life